By Carol A. Guy
"The persistent ringing of the phone roused Joshua Wolf from a fitful sleep. Disoriented and confused, he fumbled for the rinstrument and pushed several buttons before he got the right one.
What people have to say about A PICTURE PERFECT KID:
A distrubing story...Carol A. Guy did her homework and accurately detailed the events of this true crime." Maggie Harding, reviewer for Women on Writing
Very nice work!" Jim Beasley, Juvenile officer who sat in on Joshua Wolf's second interrogation
I truly enjoyed the book..very well written and held my interest at all times..." Sheilia, a reader
Anyone who enjoys true crime books will think this one is superb. Even though not all questions are answered, there is still a lot of information here to digest. A Picture Perfect Kids is a comprehensive, detailed book about a murder that was planned in detail, one of which the murderer thought he could get away with. The victim and the rest of the family could never have contemplated it happening." Reader Views, May 2006
"Josh? Are you there? Are you all right?" Carol asked.
  Her voice sounded strained, far away, to him. In fact, everything seemed far away, distorted. He remembered waking up in the middle of the night, afraid. Something was going to happen. Something bad. She was still talking, and he struggled to understand.
  "Josh, are you hurt? It's Nana. Are you all right? Where are you?" Carol asked, silently praying he wouldn't break the connection before she got the information from him.
  Then, she heard him crying......"
"Cape County 911, please state your emergency."
  "Yes, my house is on fire, and I don't know what to do."
  "OK, your house is on fire?"
  "Yes, I'm stuck in the basement and...and...and...and...it's smoke-filled."
  "You are stuck in the basement?"
  "Yeah. Oh, there's a window. Ha. Oh, my God. I don't know where my mom is. I want to get outta here. Dammit, the window won't break!"
  "What part of the room - what part of the house is on fire?"
  "I don't know."
  "You don't know?"
  "She's upstairs ....I fuckin' can't breathe.....oh my God, I'm not getting outta here!"

"I had a flawless type plan.  I just got sloppy."  Joshua Wolf
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