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NOTE: To anybody who has been to my site recently, and the pictures were not loading; I'm sorry! I hope (no pun intended) that I have fixed the problem. If this ever happens again, could somebody just drop me a line? Maybe somebody did, I didn't get to check this particular address too much lately due to school! Ah well, I hope you all have a great summer, and enjoy watching DAYS!!

Kristian Alfonso...Hope Williams Brady! Two incredible women, but both the same person! Hope, along with Bo are my favorite Days characters, and I felt the need to show this by doing this page. I have only been watching Days of Our Lives for under a year now, so I will not be able to write a complete story line for Hope.

Over the past while Kristian was asked to play two roles, on Days of Our Lives, which she did amazingly well and believably. Even though the two characters were identical in appearance, she made the characters so vividly differnent, that you couldn't even tell sometimes that it was the same person playing them.

Hope (her constant character, and somewhat of an alter ego) is a strong, independant woman who has suffered through much over the past several years. From becoming Stephano's pawn, than disappearing, and being seperated with Bo and Shawn, then to find Bo again, only to be held hostage by Princess Gina. She originally started out as a spoiled brat, but she changed dramatically when she fell for the then (and sometimes now) rebellious Bo Brady. From there her life changed dramatically, and later with the birth of her beloved son Shawn Brady.

And then there was Gina. Although originally I felt sorry for her when she was trapped in the tower, and I learned that Stephano had locked her there and taken away her love interest, John Black. But, then as she escaped she lied to Hope, whom she was convinced had stolen her life from her, and locked her up, coming to Salem, causing grief to Marlana, and Bo whom she married. And then she almost shot Hope's son, Shawn! After that the only compassion, I felt was when she was talking to her darling Gretta!

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