Chrissy's Corner

I'm so glad that you have stopped by for a visit.
I'm hoping I have created a site of inspiration and beauty.
My goal is to make someone feel better about themselves,
even if only for the time they are here with me and that
they will leave with love in their heart and
a smile on their face.

When the pressures of living
are starting to mount,
Take a good look around you
at the things that really count.

Warm summer days,
the sweet smile of your child,
Seeing family and friends
from across the miles.

Find time to smell the roses
or enjoy a peaceful meal,
Spend the day with your Love
flying kites in a field.

Life can't be just rainbows,
as most of us know
But with each new experience,
we strengthen and grow.

Since most of our days
don't go exactly as planned,
Take the bad with the good
and do the best that you can.

~Author Unknown~

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