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Hello people. . .welcome welcome. . .
In this site you will find image galleries of  SailorMoon, Evangelion, Ranma 1/2, and more to come. . .
The images here are not my property, they are from the different owners of the different series,so they have the copy right, but I did take the time to put them here, so: they are for your enjoyment, but if you take some and put them in your own site, link  me back will you???
There is a link page wich I really really recomend, because there are the sites that have taken a lot of my attention either for the graphycs or the content. . . . .go check it out. . . . .
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Ok I know that signin the guestbook is not your favorite thing, but if you do, and let your opinions there, then I can improve the site depending on what you feel might be needed or should be made. Also it would help me if you see anything that its not working like it should and you notify me. Also if  you put your mail there  I can tell you when I have updated something...of course it is only if you want to.
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