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Welcome To The ClassicPooh80 Homepage
These pages are the collective effort of two very best E-friends.
(We are Tigger and Pooh-Bear, respectively)

"What's respectively mean, Tigger?" says Pooh
"Well it just means that you respect me Pooh - understand?"
"Ah yes, so I do" says Pooh
"OK then, Tigger" Pooh says, "Then what's the bit that comes next? You tell it."

So Tigger Continues...
We hope you enjoy our site! We've created it just to share with you, our friends and family, our thoughts, interests, hobbies, family
goings-on, and all that sort of stuff! :)

"Just what I say myself!" says Pooh, "But just now we has GON OUT - BACKSON, BISY - BACKSON" (as per Kwistofer Wobin - SO THERE!)

"Now Pooh," says Tigger "You really are rattling on and getting redicerous! - I really do expect rather more from you, even if you
are a bear of very little brain!"
Oh Bother" says Pooh.

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Pooh says
"No, Tigger says"
"No she doesn't! Eeyore says"
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