Chris Fisher
Free-Lance Artist
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Years In Art: 25+
Mediums: acrylic, water color, oils, pencil, ink, photography, and wood.
Style: The style I use in my art depends on the medium I employ. At the start of my career I was strictly into realism. I then learned to include some impressionism into my art. When working with pencil I prefer sketching, with a very close second for color pencil. When working with ink I prefer pointelism, although the time involved, and total value of the finished piece makes them nearly unmarketable. I have also practiced Calligraphy for more than 25 years, learning the art in the 5th grade. Lately, I have peaked an interest in line drawing and Celtic patterns.

Subject: Flowers
Mediums: Watercolor and color pencil

1-1-10 I have decided to work on a new picture. I have wanted for a while now to create a picture using a water color base and a color pencil layer on top. I have read that this can produce some really soft and realistic images. We shall see.

I have so far started with the selection process. Since I no longer use pictures for outside photographers, unless I have to. I have to rely on my collection of photograhs.

I have selected two pictures to go with a drawing I did a couple of years ago in color pencil, titled Tiny Dragons. That drawing was done of some snapdragon flowers. These flowers are not snap dragons but the colors and composition of the photographs make them a nice fit with the original drawing.

Now that I have the photographs selected I will begin the planning and preparation. I am thinking that I will start with drawing each of the pictures. Since I will be working on two separate art boards, I selected Hot press art boards. I will need time to lay out the pictures and draw them. Once I am done with the drawing I can begin the Watercolor painting.

Subject: Abigail, my neice
Mediums: Acrylic paint

12-23-09 After a long period of time I have finally completed a painting of my neice Abigail. It was done as a gift to my sister for Christmas and is intended to go with the other two paintings she has of her other daughters. Both of those paintings were done by me several years ago.

Since I had not done any painting in several years. It was a shock to me to find out how easily I slipped right back into it. Sort of like a pair of old comfortable shoes. It just went well.

In all I am very pleased with the final outcome. There are a few little things that bother with the painting, but I am an artist and I am always critical of my work. The more I look at the picture the more I like it. I am sure that it will be a well received gift.

12-25-09 I hid the gift from plain sight so that Jen would not see it. After everyone opened their gifts we pulled it out and gave it to her. She was surprised that she had gotten anything. She asked what it was and my wife told her that she cannot tell her she has to open it. Then she looked at me with this shocked look and just said, "You didn't!" As to which I simply replied, "Yep."

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