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Warning to Shonky Builders
Herald-Sun Fri 1st August 1997

We share the concern that Victorian families should not be exposed to "rogue', building practitioners (Herald Sun, July 23,24). Since the Building Practitioners Board last year took over responsibility for domestic building practitioners previously registered with the Housing Guarantee Fund, we have been working to ensure that house builders are held to the same high standards of performance which apply to commercial building projects. Unfortunately, problems with domestic building and renovation date back over many decades, and cannot be rectified overnight.
  • But the Building Control Commission is tackling the problem on three fronts:

  • ENCOURAGING practitioners to take pride in their status as registered builders and raising consumer awareness about the importance of ensuring that a chosen practitioner is registered, qualified and has insurance in the event of any claims needing to be made.
  • EXCLUDING any builder with a bad record that can be substantiated, according to the records of the Office of Fair Trading and Business Affairs and/or the former Housing Guarantee funds.
  • WORKING with federal authorities to develop stringent new national registration and insurance requirements which will, over time, eliminate bad practitioners across the nation.
A small number of builders have already been denied registration on the basis of their lack of good character, and I have no doubt that others will follow in time. All the examples in your coverage relate to work initiated under the old system. There is no doubt the writing is on the wall for industry "shonks".
As the Building Practitioners Board and the Building Control Commission progressively work to encourage higher standards across the industry, there is evidence the new system is weeding out builders who do not have total commitment to their work.
Max J. Croxford, Commissioner, Building Control Commission

(Reprinted with kind permission from the BCC)

P.S. Have a look at how the triple clamps are fitted, there is to be a decking on top of this structure....
I wonder what's gunna hold it up???

p.s. That's my Mossie...

Take note: In Victoria, Building Permits are now issued by Private Surveyors, who also do the progress inspections, and are usually assigned by the contracted builder, unless the owner knows one.

Now picture this: if the surveyor criticises the builder's bad workmanship, the builder won't use him again and will find a surveyor that doesn't criticise his work!

That puts the good surveyor out of work, and makes a bad (to match the builder) surveyor popular with some builders!!!.

How about this? I don't believe him.

newsclip.jpg & para1.jpg removed as I have been requested $100 copyright fee
(for each clipping) to show these and other clippings from the Herald-Sun...

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