It’s ApadŁĄ     

Nowadays, MID is applied more and more widely. MID (Mobile Internet Device) is the portablemobile PC which is easier to carry than notebook. With MID, you can easily get Internet access and at any time enjoy the entertainment, search information, send and receive message and other Internet operation. It is your best assistant who can do everything for you with its powerful functions.

This APad tablet PC features Samsung CPU and built-in GPS. By adopting the powerful Samsung CPU and Windows CE5.0 OS, this mini netbook will ensure you a high performance in operation and high speed and smooth experience when surfing online. Since armed with wifi and light in weight, it’s convenient for you to enjoy anything youre interested in.

Now, with this mini size Apad Tablet, built-in GPS, equiped GPS receiver, you can drive anywhere, and do not need to worry that you will lose your way. What’s really exciting is this 7 inch netbook even is a Live TV! It will never disappoint you from now on. While for those who are crazy about You Tube, this tablet PC will be your favorite. In fact, this pad will show you brilliant performance in entertainment, apart from Live TV,You Tube. The tablet also is with e-book reader, skype, mainstream web mail service, and stereo speaker. In a word, it is really very practical!

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