I am forever indebted to the following pages:

Blue Moon: This is my next-door neighbor "Satan's*" page; she's helped me collect all the cards I needed!!
*Satan is just a nickname people...don't freak out okay? We're not devil worshipers or anything like that...

Looloo1023's Site: She's helped me out several times with CCG cards etc. I definitely recommend her!

Jennifer's Site: She's helped me out several times too. I would also recommend checking out her site!

These are some good places on-line to look for Sailor Moon Cards:

eBay Auctions: You can usually find lots of Sailor Moon merchandise as well as cards here, and usually for a good price. My eBay ID is: pinkflute23, and hopefully I'll get my act together and get some of my cards for sale up there. :)

Yahoo! Auctions: Similar to eBay, sometimes less selection, but not always. Both cards and merchandise.

Bidville: Great auction site for Sailor Moon cards!

Miscellaneous Stuff:

Shadows of the Moon: Our club's website! Check it out, e-mail us, whatever! :) Enjoy! Thanks much to Satan for her amazing hard work on this site!! *Hopefully we'll be updating this more often. ;)

SHOBA: Satan's Hall of Bad Art. Another site created by Satan!! It showcases art done by her, myself, as well as several of our friends. Check it out, it's really cool!!

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