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Born 8 Feb 1801
Dunlop, Ayrshire, Scotland
died 3 Aug 1873
Harrow, Victoria, Australia.
Born 29 Dec 1799
Stewarton, Ayrshire, Scotland
Died 12 Oct 1875
Harrow, Victoria, Australia.
  John CALDOW was the eldest son of Adam CALDOW and Elizabeth SMITH , on the 20th of December 1822, he married Agnes GIBSON, daughter of John and Mary GIBSON, at Stewarton , Ayrshire, Scotland.
John and Agnes had 10 children, Mary, born 1824, Adam, born 1826, Elizabeth, born 1828, John, born 1830, Janet, born 1833, William, born 1835, James, born 1837, Andrew, born 1839, Agnes, born 1842 and Thomas, born 1844.  The first years of their married life were  spent farming in the Parish of Kilwinning. On the 1841 British Census John, Agnes and their children were living on a property called " Langton",which is located  approx. 2km north-west of the Village of Dunlop in Ayrshire, Scotland.
  At the time the 1851 British Census was taken, the family had moved south to the Parish of Colmonell  in the District of Carrick, Ayrshire,  they were living on a property called "Barwinnock"
Then in June 1857 John , Agnes and their remaining  children  left Scotland and sailed from Liverpool to Australia aboard the "Marco Polo", arriving at Port Phillip Bay in September 1857. Their two older daughters,  Elizabeth and Janet had married and were already settled in Australia in the Ballarat area, where gold had been discovered, the family travelled to this area. We would assume the boys would have spent time at the gold diggings, but the family soon turned to the life they know best, farming, and moved to the Coghill's Creek District (near Ballarat)
    In the 1860's the "Government Land Policy" opened up land and the CALDOW family took advantage of this, John and Agnes obtained land at the head of the Scholfield Creek, Harrow, called Spring Valley. John and his two younger sons, Andrew and Thomas ran this property, 2,153 acres as sheep farmers, This is where John and Agnes finally made there home and spent their final years. Agnes passed away on  the 3rd of August 1873 aged 73 years, John lived until his 76th year, his death occurring on the 12th of October 1875, they are both buried at the Harrow Cemetery. 
  "The children of John and Agnes, that came to Australia, all married and had families of their own".

MARY, born 7th of March 1824 at Kilwinning married Matthew GILMOUR from Beith in Ayrshire, on the 27th of November 1847, but sadly Mary was to die 11 months later on the 5th of October 1848 at Dunlop.
ADAM, born 25 June 1826 at Kilwinning, Ayrshire, and  we have now found out that he  died on the 12th of September 1850 at the age of 24, at "Barwinnock" in the parish of Colmonell, Ayrshire.   UPDATED
ELIZABETH, born 25 October 1828 at Kilwinning, Ayrshire, married Alexander KELLY on the 1st of July 1852 at Penninghame, Wigtonshire , Scotland. In 1853 Alexander, Elizabeth and their daughter Jane sailed from Liverpool aboard the "Star Of The East", arriving at the port of Geelong in September 1853. They had 8 children. Photo
JOHN, born 22 of October 1831 at Kilwinning, married Magdaline McINTYRE on the 13th September 1861 at Blowhart, Ballarat. Magdaline born 1839 at Cameron, Fifeshire, Scotland, was the daughter of James McINTYRE and Magdaline REEKIE. They had 10 children. Photo
JANET, born 25th February 1833 at Dunlop, married Joseph BLAIN on the 25th December 1853 at Colmonell, Ayrshire. They sailed from Liverpool on the 1st of March 1854 aboard the "Lord Stanley" arriving at the port of Geelong on the 30th June 1854. They had 8 children. Photo
WILLIAM, born 4th April 1835 at Dunlop, married his first wife, Margaret MITCHELL on the 26th June, 1863, at the Royal George Hotel, Ballarat. Margaret died on the 2nd of January, 1881 at Winchelsea. They had 8 children.  On the 15th June, 1882 William married his second wife, Mary Jane LEAKE at St. Thomas's Church, Winchelsea.  They had 1 child. Photo
JAMES, born 3rd July 1837 at Dunlop, married Sarah ARTHUR on the 6th June, 1862 at Barkley, (near Stawell), Victoria. They had 11 children. Photo
ANDREW, born 11 October, 1839 at Dunlop, married Isabelle WHITECROSS in 1865 at Ballarat.  Andrew, Isabelle and Family settled in Western Australia. They had 11 children.  Photo
AGNES,  born 29th January, 1842 at Dunlop, married Donald MITCHELL (brother of Margaret, William's 1st wife) on the 16th January 1865 at Ballarat. They had 4 children. Photo
THOMAS, born 4th February, 1844 at Dunlop, was to marry 3 times. His 1st wife was Flora McLEAN, they married on the 22nd February, 1871 at Pidgeon Ponds, Flora died on the 26th December, 1881 at Harrow. They had 6 children.  Thomas then married Jane CAMERON at  Balmorel on the 20th June 1884,  sadly Jane  died on the 13th November, 1894  at Harrow. They had 6 children. Thomas married for the 3rd time in 1895 to Sophia HOLLIS. They had no  children. Photo

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The Children Of Adam Caldow
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