(Self Propelled Universal Drive)

Units are available in a variety of wheelbases and plain or spoked wheel sizes. A small square, open frame motor is geared to the axles and pickup tabs on all wheels provide a self contained unit. Lugs are mounted on top for wiring lights and dummy truck pickup.

With some weight added over truck, one or two trailers may be pulled. Speed will vary with wheel size, but is typically less than 80 smiles/hr @ 12v. MUing several units works very well. Although units are available for road diesels, even a pair does not have enough power handling reasonable trains. However these may handle lighter industrial switchers .

Stock number WB-31 = 31mm / 3.5 = 8.857' = 8'- 10.286" not 9' as listed. 287 = 28.7 / 3.5 = 8.2' = 8'-2.4".
On the GT-126 = 26.2mm = 7.486' = 7'- 5.83".

Measure side frame wheelbase and pick the closest. A few scale inches are hardly noticeable, since pedestals cover most of the wheel..

Note: Adjust brightness and contrast for optimum viewing.

Showing top mounting boss, lug and pickup tab bus to both wheels.

Accessories included ZEE mounting bracket, matching screw, preshaped shims and three sideframe brackets. Bottom cover plate is snapped off then on to mount bracket in slot in frame. Additional mounting screws and nut are included.

Applied to ALCO PRR MU car ready for testing, with axles yet uncut. Unit is mounted on transverse bar screwed to floor.

Typical power unit to be replaced on Walthers PRR MU car.



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