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Dormitory life

The following was written before the issue of nudism in the dorm room escalated, resulting in my relocation to a different room. My new home is on an upper floor of one of the several residence towers at Ohio State. I am in a 4-person suite in a 4-suite cluster, though the 3 other suites in the cluster only have 2 people. It is a bit crowded, but I have gotten used to utilizing vertical spaces. I have a great view from my room - in fact I can see the water tower in my neighborhood 15 miles away. I get along decently with my roommates - we have learned to stay away from certain conversation topics.

And then I moved...

My new new home is a single room in a different residence tower. The reason for this is a dispute with my roommates; some readers can probably guess the dispute but this is not the place to talk about it. Anyway, one of my roommates raised hell and found out that there was a single room available, and helped me get it. I'll have to pay more, but that's ok - I have the money. I have a little bit more space here - the way they crammed us in in the last room, they could fit 2 in here - but unfortunately I no longer have a window. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. I am getting to know my new neighbors, and things are going well. Also, I have begun to decorate the new room with christmas lights and this little hippo sculpture that looks like something from the '60s. I plan to install a bead curtain and a few lava lamps as well.


This is a typical speed-dial setup for a typical male college student, right?

1 2 3
Mom Dad Niel
4 5 6
Pizza Voice mail Dark Viper
(best friend)
7 8 9
at home
at grandma's
* 0 #
Killer Spikes
(ex girlfriend)

Academic life

The following was written Autumn Quarter 2002, my first quarter at Ohio State. It's kinda funny, and I'm too lazy to write something new, so that's why it's still here. One thing I found out early this quarter is that my study skills suck. another thing I found out is that I hate chem lab, and there is no way I can pass chemistry if I want to concentrate on anything else. I have decided to drop the class and take it next summer when I can give it more attention. I am doing better in my other classes now that I don't have to worry about chemisty, and now that my study skills have improved. Then again, I'm not sure I can say that - as I am typing this I am actually supposed to be studying! Oh well, I'm almost done with this.

I have already scheduled my classes for next quarter. I got a sweet 14-hour schedule which will allow me to really concentrate. OK, enough typing - I have work to do.

What I left behind

It's not often that my old high school gets a big article in the newspaper. Click here.


The Ohio State University
Dining Halls
FEH - A really cool program I'm in

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