Hard Luck

Written by

By Bill M Anderson

Cast of Characters

  • Andrea "Andy" Collier ----

    A former elite Gymnast, member of the national team for about five years, left gymnastics a year after the olympic trials and later to pursue a successful modeling career for year was a cover of over 80 major publications. The next year She left modeling and she decided concentrate on College. She will go to Penko st with her best friend Mary.

  • Mary Stilles---

    Andy's best friend and current member of the U.S. National Gymnastics team, US national champion on the floor excercise and Balance beam.She is going to Penko State Univeristy on gymnastics scholarship in the fall. Also be on the same team with her coach and friend Lisa Biler.

  • Lisa Biler---

    Mary's Current club coach, currently an active gymnast herself member of PenKo State University Women's Gymnastics Team. Current she is on summer break teaching gymnastics to her club.

  • Morgan Atherton---

    Billionaire heiress to the George Atherton industries Fortune only daughter of four children. She is knows the three girls that were kidnapped. Will help find them by helping FBI agent Ford.

  • William Atherton---

    The Fugitive brother to Morgan Atherton second oldest child of the Atherton Family, he was bored being member of the Atherton family. He joins a domestic terrorist group with fanatical views that even Terrorist groups are scared of them. They indiscriminatly kill teriminal illchildren and anyone they want dead. For that he is on the FBI's ten most wanted list. He kidnaps the three girls for his own twisted needs.

  • Lewis Montgomery---

    William Atherton's best friend and former head of security of Atherton industries. Now he helps William hide from the F.B.I. and his terrorist buddies by hiding out at Hard Luck.

  • Keith Ford FBI Special Agent---

    He is considered one of the best in the FBI. He is the FBI special Agent who has been assign by the Director to find the three girls and bring them home. But is complicated when he learns who is behind the kidnapping. Now Agent Ford is equally determine to find the young women and capture Atherton.All of his investigative skills will be put to the test.

  • Martha Byrne---

    One of Morgan's must trusted security officer and an expert black belt in Karate. She is sent by Morgan's head of security to find out where William and the three kidnapped girls are. She is an old rival to Lewis and his men.Byrne tries to help out Agent Ford.

  • Hard Luck the story of Three young Women kidnapped and taken to a private tropical island by a fugitive millioniare terrorist. Kept for his own sick twisted amusment and pleasure. Plus the story of a Brillant upcoming F.B.I agent and beauty and determine private investigator sent to find and rescue them. A story a crazed billionaire with nothing to lose and his twisted desire to control three young beautiful women for himself with help from his protector. About his sister wanting to stop him from ruining his life with this horrible crime.About three youngs trying to survive an ordeal they never expected to happen to them in their lives.Now they must survive or face being kept prisoner for the rest of their lives.Also About Martha Byrne trying to prove that she is one of the best in the field.

    Now onto the story.

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