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This is a new site,so any suggestions that you may have would be of great value.You can e-mail me by clicking on my highlighted name at the bottom of this page. As you have probabley noticed,this site is dedicated totally to hamsters. Although you may find products for every animal in my store. If you don't find what you are looking for here,then please feel free to surf through the hamster webring. Come on in and don't forget to try out my , Chatroom, Message Board and my newest feature,Jamie's Pet Shop!

The Common Hamster And Some Of Itís Basic Needs

Hamsters are generally playful and fun loving animals. If given a little attention they make great pets and will award you a thousand times over for your trouble. There are many different types of hamsters and their life spans may vary. A Teddybear hamster can live from four and a haft to six and a haft years while a Syrian hamster may only live two and a haft to four and a haft years. Unlike their life spans hamsterís diets are about the same. You can buy hamster feed at my Online Pet Store. It consists of nuts, seeds and maybe even dried berries. Small quantities of fresh fruits such as apple and carrots should also be served daily along with store bought food in order to insure that your pet stays healthy. You can also buy a feed bowl at your local pet store or you could try this one. Like all living things hamsters also need water. The easiest way to provide this is a water bottle, which can also be purchased at a pet store. Experts donít recommend these but a water bowl can become very messy. If cleaned properly a water bottle is as safe as any other method. The bottle should be cleaned everyday and the water should be kept fresh. You may also want to buy vitamin drops to mix in with the water. This is an excellent way to improve your hamsterís health and also his coat.

Picking Out Your Hamster

Before choosing a hamster there are a few things that you need to know. The first and maybe the most important thing to remember is to keep a good bloodline. If two different species of hamsters mate then their offspring will be less healthy and may have a shorter life span. Secondly you should always buy your hamsters from the same pet store in order to make sure no diseases are contracted. If your hamster does get sick then it would probabley be a bad idea to try to exchange him at the same store because often times the hamsters in pet shops are grouped together. The third thing to remember is to try to pick out the most active hamster that you see because chances are that they will be better able to adapt to their new home and will make better pets than a sickly hamster. Not only that but a sickly hamster that seldom moves could very well be diseased. Lastly think about the number of cages you are willing to buy before getting more than one hamster. Baby hamsters may not seem aggressive but as they get older they will have to be separated. (even brothers and sisters)

Your Hamsterís New Home

Shopping for hamster bedding might sound like an easy job with all the brands that there are to choose from but in reality it can be very difficult. Cedar and pine shavings should never be used as they emit fumes that can slowly kill your little friend. The best bedding to get is corn cob. It is cheap, safe and it works better than other products. If at first glance this bedding seems to be too rough for your hamster then give them a couple of Kleenexes. This will not only give them something soft to sleep on but also provide a fun chew toy and since it is non-toxic, let them go at it! When your hamster reaches itís new home it will be very nervous and should not be bothered for twenty-four hours in order to give it time to choose a corner to use the bathroom and a place to sleep. Turning the light off and leaving the room is the best way to calm him down.


Hamsters love to play. There are many products that you can purchase from your local pet store but the simple things provide the most fun for your hamster. A toilet roll is a hamsterís dream. They will sleep in it for a while and then shred it. It is non-toxic and cost you nothing. A wheel is even more loved by your little friend. It will provide exercise and fun for him but you will also enjoy watching. If you have a baby hamster then a plastic wheel is appropriate since many metal wheels have their spokes too far apart and may cause injury to your pet. However since these wheels are made of plastic they should be washed daily. As your hamster grows you may want to buy a metal wheel because of your pets increasing size. They do not need to be cleaned as much. Once a week should do. Preferably on the same day you clean out their cage. Balls can also be bought in order to let your pet roam freely in a safe environment. These are also plastic and demand the same care as the water bottle and plastic wheel. If you notice that your hamster just will not stop chewing then you may want to purchase chew sticks.(do not use your own wood) Chew sticks as well as other hamster supplies can be purchased at my Online Pet Store. Because hamsters love to chew I would not recommend a hamster home but instead an aquarium. Buying an aquarium reduces the risk of them escaping and solves the problem of holes being chewed in their cage.

Pick Up My Hamster?

After a couple of days it is time to start training your hamster. Slowly put your hand in itís cage and allow him to smell the back of it. Do not jerk it away in fear that he will bite you. As he is far too nervous to do so. After doing this for some time try holding a hamster treat and letting him eat it out of your hand. Do not drop it, as he needs to learn to trust you. When you think that he is calm enough, stroke his fur gently while he is eating. The next step in earning his trust is to actually pick him up. Use both hand and form a cup. If he tries to jump out then put him down because he is not yet ready.(careful to hold him close over the cage) Once you get him so that he will not try to jump then you may want to hold him with one hand while putting the other in front to let him walk into it. Alternating hands you can easily manage him as he walks from one hand to the other. Thatís it! Have fun with your new best friend!

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