Kites and Computers
Welcome to my small piece of the Internet..
I call it Kites and Computers, because those are my hobbies..
I fly stunt kites the most, although I always try to put up a single liner when I'm out..

The computer is my home built box.. I've been running Hartland Pride BBS on it since 1989..
I proudly use the OS/2, Warp 4 Operating System, and enjoy using true, 32 bit programs..
Perrier is my drink of choice..

These pages are best viewed using Netscape for OS/2, because that's what I use..
Please bookmark this page, and come back from time to time..

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See me live on my webcam. View My Webcam
See me live on my webcam.

These pages have been created with any OS/2 editor I felt like running at the time..
This website was born on June, 13 Y2K
Copyright 2000-2003.. Mike R.. All Rights Reserved.

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