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Silence is golden
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Member: DalNet Channel
      Lives in the wonderful Wyntery Wyndy Wyoming; where she enjoys spending most of her time with the animals. Her time is filled with helping her husband run a restaraunt, writing, and housework. When the wyndy doesn't sweep her away, she enjoys being on the computer talking to friends. SilverSatin's special Rock is a place that holds many wonders. It has lushes green grass and many trees for all the animals to enjoy. The season never changes, it always stays a comfortable seventy-five degrees. They are free to roam whever they want to, nothing contains them here. As you walk around enjoying the sun shining on your face; don't be surprised if you see a koala bear in the tree, or even a panda napping in the shade. If you are quiet enough you may even see Pegasus down by the stream enjoying the warmth, with his wings stretched out.

(Kubali carefully holds the crystal clear globe in the palm of his hand. It weighs no more than a few ounces; but, the globe has a distinct feel of being quite heavy. It looks frail, but feels solid. From it life and happiness radiates down though his hand and into his soul. --Ed. Kubali)
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