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Welcome to the Writer's Cove, a place where you can find up to date poetry and writing contests.

Mac's Dog Poetry Contest
Fall/Winter 2001 - Poetry only about dogs. This Fall/Winter contest is to be about a true canine hero who went beyond his normal duties as a dog.
Tipsy Muse Poetry Contest
There is no entry fee, but you must be a member in order to submit your poem. There is also a message board and other neat things on this website. The deadline for the contest is December 31, 2001.

ByLine Magazine
Offering a varity of contests Throughout the year.
Pen Pushers Publication
Pen Pusher's have contests going all the time and you don't have to have a specific style, you can write haiku, freestyle, narative etc. Let your pen fly!
The Writer's Mentor
This site has a writing contest for poetry, novels, scripts and other freelance writing. This year's contest was held in the summer, but check it out to be prepared for Winter 2001
Writing Contest
The Art of Writing Webzine offers quarterly contests for short story and poetry writers. The entries are based on "Instant Muses" they have provided at their site.

True Wit - Writing Contest Page
This site has a list of alltypes of writing contests for entertaintment only!

Literary Scams
Please be aware of poetry contests scams
This site offers information on different scams, check it out so you do not fall victim to a scam.
Join the aWD Winner's Circle
Did you win a contest you saw here at aWD? Please Tell us about it and we'll add you to our aWD Winner's Circle.
All contests contained here are runned, judged and adminstered by the owner of the sites featured here. aWD is not connected to any of these contest and is not liable for any scams and false or misleading information. If you are aware of any irregularities with any contest featured please email the editor, kubali @ Thank You and Good Luck!

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