The Rusty Crab Grabber Hybrid Woody Tear Drop Camper
John Marotta
Here is a brief pictorial history of the production and manufacture of our tear drop camper.

The small, light trailer camper is inspired by & based on home built designs of the 1940's & 50's also the commercially made Ken-skill & Kit of the same era.

Using the older designs rather than modern plans, I feel, made construction a little easier & less time consuming which allowed me to put more time into the finish work and details.

It is based on a bolt together 4ft x 8ft 2000lbs trailer.  The sleeping cabin is 6 foot 3 inches long 3 foot 11 inches wide & the galley area is large enough for a built in ice box, basin sink with pump faucet and a counter mounted two burner propane stove.   I have plenty of storage in the galley area for food stuffs, cooking fuel and water, and for packing lawn furniture when traveling.

In the cabin there is enough space in the cabinets to pack for a week with under counter space for any extras we may want to take along. I made the doors large enough to fit our bikes in the trailer so it serves as a cargo carrier too.

Like the tear drop I am building, this web page will constantly be !UNDER CONSTUCTION!.  I will also use this page to post information about future trips, group ( events and gatherings and plenty of photos of progress snd ideas.

Thanks for visiting and don't be afraid to ask me questions about this project.
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