"In the hearts of the children a pure love still grows.
Like a bright star in heaven, that lights our way home, like the flower that shattered the stone."

Joe Henry.

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The Cobblestone Rose
For me, the Pagan path has not been the "wide road to Hell", but one which is scattered with cobbles; some smooth and cooling, others, rough and jagged.
We walk this road barefoot, and must learn to pick our way carefully, mindful of each lesson the path would teach, lest we repeat it again & again.
On this way, here and there, are blooms; fragrant blossoms to brighten our journey; the revelations and joys wrought by the Deities' love. We cherish these roses, and preserve their teachings as well.
Here, you will find many stops along the way, and all represent some aspect of Paganism. Enjoy each one for it's own sake, and may you find reason to return.

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What's New?
5/26/01-Rings page updated! Most of these are NOT Yahoo; those that are are being weeded.
4/3/01-New recipes in the Tea Room. Dee-licious!
4/5/01-New rosaries addition in the JèsuPagan links section! A real keeper, too!

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This Set Titled 'Rose Swirl' Environment #134 by Ann-S-Thesia

May your Way be rosy, your Path be smooth, and the Deity shadow your every step.


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