Gizmo's Home!
Welcome to my dog site! I'm a 12 week old Cavalier puppy and always up to mischieve... I've only been with my family for a little more than 4 weeks, but I already feel at home and comfotable now. "Mom" and "Dad" has to watch me all the time or else I'll eat their furniture up!
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I am: playful, curious, cute, outgoing, tuff, a easy learner and a good boy!

I Love to: dig up holes in the backyard, my toy the dunky, and chewing on everything!

I have experienced: a bath (didn't like the shampoo), TWO flight trips, going by car, buss and trolly... following Annika in a leash (that was weird)!

I only bark if I get really excited, I cry more than bark, but most of the time I'm really quiet.
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