Arek and I live in an appartement north of Gothenbourg in Sweden. We have a small garden on the back of the house that would be perfect for a small dog like The Cavalier to play in!

When I was a child I was afraid of dogs, but when I started horse back riding and hung in the stables all of my free time, I found out they weren't so bad and scary after all! In my teen years I often asked my parents if we could get a dog. But my dad didn't like dogs as much as cats and unfortunately my mom and my little brother were allergic. But I'm not, and I thank God everyday for not being allergic to dogs!
This could of been me... Doesn't it look wonderful?
About Us
I don't want to get a puppy and later regret I didn't find out more about having a dog and all it takes before I bought it. I want to do what is best for the dog! Think about it; a dog is someone I need to take care for in the next 12 years or more, and it shouldn't be something to buy in the moment of rush and excitement.

That's why I'm preparing myself to become the best kind of dogowner I can be. The last month I have borrowed every book about dogs in the nearby libraries I could find. There weren't many books in Swedish about The Cavalier, but the 2 I found, was pretty good. Plus all the other books about rasing a dog, how the dog thinks etc.

Of course I know books can't make me a better dogowner if I don't get experience, but I will probably not make many of the misstakes people who doesn't understand dogs at all do. I have a lot of love and caring to give to a pet, and I love cuddeling with pets, taking care of them, aswell as play with them and walk in the forest! Arek likes to play with dogs and activate it. I'll be the one to take care of his coat, and I love to do that =)
Arek and I in april 2002, in Stockholm.
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