This week Gizmo has learned to lay down on my command, he allready knew sitt down since 2 weeks back. On Saturday he'll be 12 weeks old! I hope to get some new pictures at him on Sat because he is growing so much and gets more and more beautiful for each day!


Today I got some new pictures and the puppies are 5 weeks old now! They are just so wonderful and cute! They look very shaggy and mischievous, and they seem to have grown lots... Arek and I have decided to call him Gizmo, as an inofficial name, we both like the name Gizmo a lot =)

Today's my 21 birthday! And now it's only 4 more weeks until I can go and get my Hjalmar Boy and bring him home! Time travels fast... The puppies are growing and growing rapidly, I can tell from the pictures I get every week. This week they have gotten to taste som meat for the very first time and the breeder told me it was very much appriciated from all 5 of the puppies! =) They can also walk, bark, and play now. It's facinateing how quick the progress. I really really look forward to be Hjalmar's mom, my first dog, and sure not the last!

We are getting puppy Hjalmar! We're so excited! He's very cute and handsome =)
Apparantly he's already trying to walk, and he was the first to oppening his eyes!

Today the puppies are one week old and I recieved pictures of them. They are so sweet! I can't wait =9

Today Arek and I decided that we are buying a puppy from Hallonbackens Kennel. It'll be a blenheim boy! We are really excited and we are now beginning our journey of preparing for the puppy, he will come to us in August...

If you click on the liks under Swedish Breeders, you'll find the mother with puppies at Hallonbackens, click on link "valpar". Her name is Hallonbackens Bambiella Girl "Fanny". The link "våra hundar" will give you another pic of her also. The daddy you'll find at Tjärngårdens Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, his name is Pringel's Di Leva "Kevin". I think they are absoloutely the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen.

Big Thanks to Agneta who is the breeder and answers all of my curious questions!

I've contacted some breeders, and maybe I'll get a puppy by the end of this summer! Nothing is decided yet. But hopefully, I'll be a dogowner soon =)
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