My Weightloss Story
          Pre-Op 8/26/02
          Ready to Begin
         the rest of my life!!!!
Hello and Welcome......
     My name is Debra and I began my journey to Weight Loss Surgery in February of 2002.
     My journey began with attendance at one of Doc's Seminars (required) in Feburary.
     Seminar was my chance to meet Doc and other WLS patients and it is held once per month.
     At Seminar you receive information and forms to fill out which carry you on to the next step........Intake Appointment.
     My Inake Appointment was in late March.  I learned at this appointment what kinds of Pre Op testing I needed (Bloodwork, Upper GI, EKG, Heart Ultrasound, Pulmonary Test, Mammogram, and Psych Evaluation).
     I completed all my testing in one week and then had to wait while all the results filtered into Doc's office.  I got a phone call a couple weeks later, my Office Consult was May 15th!!!!!
     At the Office Consult I got to meet Doc one on one.  He evaluated me physically and mentally and told me I was a good candidate for a LAP RNY (what I was hoping for).  My surgery was scheduled for 8/28/02!
     Pre Op Appointment was on 8/26/02 and I was set! 
     I am a year out now....I've lost about 130 pounds and I feel SO GOOD!!!!!!  I feel like I look great, and I DO feel great!

     I am still on my journey and invite you to take a look at my small site here and email me if you like!
       12 Months Post Op
       Down 132 Pounds
       I'm starting to
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