Hello.  My name is Anne.  I wanted to share a wonderful story with you about an experience I've had with an Angel. 
The Angel I'm speaking of is my son Christopher.

FEBRUARY 20, 1998

Christopher, his brother Ricky and friend Roberto, went to the park to play.  They were to be home by lunchtime when their father (Terry) would be home.  When Terry arrived, he asked where the boys were, they were late getting home.  Within 10 minutes there was a knock on the door and two policemen said there had been an accident:  Our ten year old son had been knocked down and was not doing very well.  I told them they were mistaken, I didn't have a 10 year old son that my two sons were 14 and 12.  But they insisted I go with them to the hospital.

Terry said we should at least check it out.  The horrible thing was that when we got to the hospital, the nurse said there was a young boy in the room and they needed to be certain if he was our son.  When she took me into the room, I spotted a pile of black clothes lying on the floor next to the hospital bed.  I started sobbing, knowing that those clothes were my sons.

He looked so very small lying there in the hospital bed.  He was unconcious and had been since he arrived.  My heart was breaking.  Here was my little man, lying on the bed so still and motionless, with a face full of freckles.  I looked at his face remembering he wanted me to call his freckles sunkisses.  All I could think was "this could not be happening".  The following day, Chris became my little Angel.  I have never known such anguish and devastation.

One night I was in bed and became quite thirsty.  I started to get up and looked towards the door.  Suddenly there was a brilliant white light.  Standing within this light was my Christopher.  He was wearing a pair of shorts.  This struck me odd because Chris never wore shorts.  The vision was intense and lasted a full minute.  The next morning I told Terry about my vision and how odd it was that Christopher was wearing a pair of shorts.  He said, "Stop and think about it, when did Chris wear shorts?  He always wore them when he went to bed".

My darling Angel Chris...I miss you so.  I can't make my heart stop hurting - it keeps on breaking each time I think of you.

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