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Alleycat's Territory

Safe, sane, consensual, adult SM, a fetish or two, info for novices

My name is Ian Turner, and i usually go by the name "Alleycat", "AlleycatTO", "bootblackTO" or "bootblkTO" on the Internet. i am AlleycatTO on Recon and blackthebootblack on FetLife. i am a gay man, 71 years old, 5'10" tall, 155 lbs, blue eyes, salt & pepper hair shaved or buzzed. live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where i am thoroughly enjoying retirement.

It gives me great joy to tell you all that i am Sir Trooper's collared boy. i belong to Him alone, to be trained and used by Him as He sees fit. i am dedicated to His pleasure. The pleasure that i receive comes from serving Him. Sexual release, if permitted, comes as a gift from Him.

For those of you who find me attractive, i appreciate the compliment. However, please be aware that i cannot imagine being sexually attracted to anyone except Sir Trooper. my sex drive belongs to Him, and that's the way i want it.

Sir Trooper appreciates that there is a strong Top side to my personality. He allows me to Top occasionally. i always ask for His permission first, as His pleasure takes priority. i never take His permission for granted. Please keep this in mind if you send me an email hoping that i will Top you.

Please note that Sir Trooper's personal website is temporarily not working. As a result the links to it here won't get you there. However, you can still visit His Recon profile MotownLeatherJock and His FetLife profile SirTrooper.

If you want to find out about the Top side of my personality, click here.

i am a member of Delta International, and was on Delta's Board of Directors for three years, including two years as Chairman. i am an associate member of Chicago Hellfire Club and The 15 Association. These are private clubs for men who are into safe, sane, consensual SM.

i am well-known as a bootblack. i used to be the regular bootblack at The Toolbox in Toronto. Sadly, The Toolbox closed its doors forever at the end of August, 2004. i still bootblack occasionally at various play parties and fundraising events. There is lots of bootblack information on my bootblack page. As a bootblack, i go by the name "black". At the Mr. Leatherman Toronto Competition in November 2001, i won the title Bootblack Toronto 2002.

Currently, i am Head Judge of the Bootblack Toronto Contest, which is run by Toronto Leather Pride, a.k.a. Heart of the Flag Federation Inc.

In Toronto, i used to help facilitate the Leather/SM/Fetish Coming Out Group, which folded a few years ago. i am also known in the Toronto leather community for my activity in the now defunct National Leather Association: Toronto Chapter. i was the Male Co-Chair for four years, and served on the chapter's education committee. i have presented workshops on various SM-related topics here in Toronto and in many other places.

As black, the bootblack, i was the property of Master Barry of Chicago, IL from September 2001 until His sudden death on April 1, 2005.

i am proud to be made a member of Mama's Family ,with the title Mama's 1st Canadian Black.

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