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The pictures are from taken the 1995 mini-series,
"Pride and Prejudice" starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.


All pictures are used soley for personal purposes and not for commercial purposes.
If you think I am violating any copyrights please let me know and I shall remove the pictures immediately.

As a fan of this film adaptation by Andrew Davies, I would like to pay tribute to the cast
and crew of this wonderful mini-series.  And to all the fans, I am sharing this page to all of you. :-)


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To my cousin Relyn, thanks for sending me the movie.
To Therese, for loving Austen, too.
And, to my "atchie" Pam Grimes :-), this page is really for you!! :-)
Thank you for sending me the wonderful world of color of P and P.
I am so grateful to you!!:-)
How many times have you watched P and P, anyway?:-)
You are a certified addict, indeed, "I am diverted!" *laughing*
"Capital!, capital!!":-)


All other graphics in this page were personally
made by me.  Please do not use, either part
or whole of it, without  asking any written
permission from me.

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