We have met before.
Yet, I wonder if you could still recall -
Our brief acquaintanceship,
Four years ago -
Say, you have forgotten me,
I suppose.

Even so, I understand you earnestly;
For how could you enshrine this
In your memory:
A by-chance meeting
Like a wind so fleeting;
A girl neither radiant
Nor awe-inspiring.

Yet on my part,
I was enthralled -
By your features well-formed
And a heart so humbled -
For despite of your imposing appearance;
You spoke meekly to a lass
With a plain countenance.

So hope bloomed and fondness grew;
Constantly yearning
to see more of you -
Though after the five minute talk,
You have forgotten my name;
Still I know you by heart
And there you shall never wane.

Yet, fate grew a little harsh
And less benevolent -
For I have soon found out
About your new sentiment;
So the hope I nurtured soon flickered
Like a rose abloom,
It soon withered.

Nevertheless, Monsieur,
I did not write to rekindle the past
Nor even break
Miss Lucy's dear heart;
I wrote for I have a few words to say -
Read on,
For this is a heartfelt note of Miss Jane:

My old acquaintance,
I shall treasure you.
Nursed forever in this heart
With the chosen few -
There I shall engrave my sincerest wish:
Have a blessed life;
Have a nameless bliss.

You must be in deep thought right now -
Still trying to figure out,
Who I am,
Where did we meet and how?
Yet, you must not brood over this too hard
For I am not even worthy
To think about.

I wished I had never scared you away;
When I poured my heart out,
Though I know it's all too late.
I assure you
my intentions are good -

So long, Monsieur,
I shall now say my final Adieu.


Alice C. Inocencio
copyright ©2002


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