As I stop to think about
God's constant goodness into my life,
I can't help but get teary-eyed,
For He has given me
A meaningful, priceless friendship
worth to keep
for life and beyond.

I never felt so much bliss,
Nameless as it is,
From the day God made us friends
Until this very moment;
Even if you try to open and see -
My heart is nourishing you
with utmost glee.

Why is this so, you might ask -
It's because what your heart feels,
It echoes through mine;
Your passion, your joys, your mind
Are all reflections
Of this spirit
That resides in this body of mine.

I am so much in awe
For I never thought
Nor did it ever cross my mind,
That I would find
A rare being like you,
Whose spirit
Seemed to be connected with mine.

I am most grateful to God above
Indebted to Him forever
For choosing you for me,
Beloved and cherished,
Until my breath expires -

My dearest,
My kindred spirit,
in my heart, I'll keep.

"My Kindred Spirit"
Alice C. Inocencio

Dedicated to T.S.
you know who you are :)

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