When my heart finds itself most weak,
When the load is most burdensome
for me to carry,
When my mind finds no rest,
And my soul is most weary --
Beads of tears well up in my eyes,
Yet, I hope.


When cowardice
eats up my strength,
And the light I carry flickers.
When my feet are sore;
My knees are bruised,
And the  road ahead is bleak,
I still hope.


When the raging waves 
seem to drown me,
And a voice seems to tell me,
"Let go!  Be dead and be drowned!"
Yet, Your strong grip commands me,
"Hold on, and Hope!"
And I did hope.

You have taught me to hope,
When all things
seem to be futile;
And I shall always hope,
as you've taught me,
Even when all hope 
seems to be gone.

July 1, 2002 copyright Alice Inocencio

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