Ellen does not live here anymore 
   She had left and walked out through that door; 
 To which way she went
that we all very well know - 
To a far away land 
where the cold, shivering wind 
silently blows. 

For years, she struggled against insolence
From childhood until now,
her dainty heart  wept in silence. 
Her frailty confined her in deepest solitude.
 Each day,
 life for her 
was an extreme torture. 

From morning until night, she clamored for a little compassion 
Her prolonged grief and feeble soul 
left her in desolation. 
With clasped hands,
she whispered a short zealous prayer - 
asking God to sustain strength, 
everytime her heart falters. 

A faint smile I saw 
before she closed that door: 
“Farewell,” she murmured softly 
and said nothing more. 
For a moment, my heart wailed 
like a frantic child; 
Not even a mother’s touch
could console this perturbed heart 
she left behind. 

When tumult had shifted to serenity, 
I began to ponder- 
about the truth of what this life can offer: 
A momentary bliss, 
a ceaseless misery, 
a fleeting breath; 
What revolting truth 
that made me tremble and fret. 

So Ellen’s gone 
and I who’s left must move on. 
I must be undaunted to face 
the rising of the new dawn. 
I must be of good cheer - 
for tranquility she forever sought, 
this she shall now find; 
As her soul unites with the Unseen Power, 
owner of our breath of life.

So I plead, young man, 
stop weeping. 
Your eyes are sore, 
they seemed to be bleeding. 
Your heart had been torn; 
Your hope forlorn - 
While mine still bellows 
and yet who's to scorn? 

Dusk has come 
and you must go 
Spread the word that 
Ellen does not live here anymore. 
She sought rest and found it at last. 
Tell them 
She's gone 
and was blown back to dust. 

"Ellen does not live here anymore"
 Alice C. Inocencio
copyright ©2002


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