This was my grandfather's, Tony Latoche, unit in WWII. I have found a paper book of his that has the history, stories, pictures and illustrations from this unit. I also have pictures that he took while over seas. I never met my grandfather since he died before I was born, so this is my way of getting to know him a little. I also would like for other family members that never met these soldiers to have the opportunity to do the same. If you recognize someone in these photographs, please feel free to email me so that I can add names to the faces. Also, if anyone would like a hard copy of these photographs that could be arranged. Enjoy the memories.

Heather E. (Latoche) Nielsen

Foreword 1 (written by LT COL Glenn S. Finley, Jr.)                                                                                                                                                               click for more pictures

Foreword 2 (written by 1LT Donald M. Carnine)

The History of the 691st (written by M/SGT Jack K. Gould)

The History of the 691st (continued by Lt. Joe Bullock)

Headquarters Platoon, Company "A" (written by SGT Arthur Bignall)

First Platoon, Company "A" (written by SGT Rollin Zilke)

List of Personnel (partial list...updating regularly)


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