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Hi, welcome to my Website.
I suffer from
Fibromyalgia. I was not going to tell about my personal journey through life with this devastating disease. I feel different about that now.  There are so many people committing suicide because of Fibromyalgia. 
I have met many friends on the internet who are having problems with
family members. I have listened as they told me about their loved ones not understanding the pain they were going through. Some  have been divorced, some have just given up. When living with this disease we have to grasp all the strenght and encouragement we can just to make it through the day.

Researchers have found a difference in
brain patterns of those with Fibromyalgia and normal people.

I did not create this website for sympathy. I want to connect with those in pain, and their family members. I want to tell you how my life was and is....and how you can change your life.
If one family member leaves here with a better understanding of what their loved one is experiencing, then I feel as though I have succeeded.

We who have this disease are trying to educate more people, because many think it's all in our heads when really
pain is our companion.....
My website also includes a special memeber of our family.
He has been
sick for two years now. Read some of his poems and favorite receipe's

I have some of Mom's
great recipes as well as other family members.
My Maternal and Paternal Grandparent's have all gone
to be with the Lord, although I choose to remember them
in a very
special way
My Parents have big and generous hearts,
they are unselfish and giving. They make my world a better place for living.
I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ....
poems that touched my heart.
The Love of my life
My Webrings
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