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Check out this site for photographs of Australian trams and trains, mainly electric vehicles but some diesel - electric locomotives will appear, as they are really electric locos with their own built in power plant and generators.

The photo index will grow as more photos are scanned and added.

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Australian Trams.

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Australian Trains.

Electric Trains

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Overseas Trams

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Photo Credits

(1) David Brown (browndk@hotmail.com)
(2) Clive Mottram (mottram_cj@msn.com.au)
(3) Public Transport Corporation
(4) Jerry Appleman (jerryapp@ix.netcom/com)
(5) David Johnson (trainman@ozemail.com.au)
(6) Unknown

The photos on this page are copyright to the owners of the original photos. They may not be reproduced without permission. Printouts for private use are, of course, allowed. If you would like to reproduce any photos that you see on this page, please email the photographer concerned.
Many thanks to the photographers credited who kindly granted permission for their photos to be reproduced in these pages. If the unknown photographers would email me, I will happily credit them. Just click on the mailbox at the bottom of the page.

The last photo was added to this page on the 12th January, 2000. More photos will follow - Dave.

Dave Brown

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