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Toronto Transit Corporation 4760

Photo by Jerry Appleman.


Check out this page for information on electric trams and trains worldwide. Many sites feature maps and photographs, and links on these sites will take you further.

This page will be constantly updated as I find more sites during my exploration of the net. It was last updated on the 30th May 2002.

  1. Portland Cable Trams
    Visit the southwestern Victorian town of Portland where a diesel powered cable tram line has been built for tourists.
  2. Nottingham Express Transit (NET)
    All about the new light rail system in Nottingham UK, due to open in 2003.
  3. A History of Perth Trams and Trolleybuses
    All you need to know about the trams and trolleybuses that used to operate in Perth, Western Australia. Included is photos, and route details.
  4. Amsterdam Public Transport Information
    Check out this site for information on Amsterdam's trams. You'll find out about tram routes, fares, zones, route colours and the trams themselves. Links to Museum goodies as well as buses and ferries can be found here as well.
  5. The European Railway Server
    Explore this site for pictures and descriptions of electric railways from all over Europe, as well as the latest model products. The Eurostar site is a goody!
  6. Railpage Australia
    Not all that much about electric traction on this Australian site, but the photos and links to other sites are pretty good, especially the photo of HTT 8.
  7. Trams of Australia
    This is a very large site with information on Australian trams past and present. You can spend a lot of time at this site as it gives descriptions of tram systems, trams by class and even what happened to some of them. Check out the links to London's conduit trams and the Kingsway tramway subway.
  8. Giro Home Page
    Find out about the HASTUS scheduling package, which many cities worldwide including Melbourne use to compile their timetables.
  9. Portland Vintage Trolley
    The city of Portland USA runs a vintage trolley service over part of the MAX light rail system. Look at the maps and links to other Portland sites as well.
  10. St. Louis Regional Transit
    Great graphics on this site - it has details of the St. louis light rail line and links can take you to more from St. Louis.
  11. Los Angeles Rail Transit
    This site has a great photo of a Long Beach LRV on the Blue Line page - you can check out the Green and Red lines as well as details of the Pasadena extension. Maps and photos are featured, as are links to LA heavy rail, buses and Amtrak.
  12. Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California
    This site has lots of info. on Californian streetcars and interurbans including the Pacific Electric (drool!). If you want to know about the Big Red Cars, this is the place to go.
  13. Colin Seymour's Cybertram Collection
    This is a HUGE site! There are photos and descriptions of trams from everywhere, with lots of links to other sites as well.
  14. Queensland Railways Citytrain
    You can check out route maps, timetables, photos and details of QR Citytrain electric stock on this site.
  15. Railroad, Subway and Tram Maps
    Find maps of most of the new LRT schemes here, as well as the established systems.
  16. Pittsburgh Transit
    Descriptions and photos of the Pittsburgh, USA, PCC's and LRV's. Check out the links to Philadelphia's Chestnut Hill Trolley and Norristown high speed line as well as links to other American LRT sites.
  17. Amtrak
    Amtrak's home page has photos of Amtrak Electric trains including the new High Speed Rail an an AEM - 7 hauled passenger train.
  18. Victrip
    This is Victoria's only official public transport site on the Web. When completed, it will feature complete details of The Met and V/Line, including photos and timetables. Stay tuned - all will be on line soon.
  19. Ballarat Vintage Tramway
    Find out everything you need to know about Ballarat's vintage trams. Maps, photos and links to other sites feature, as well as articles from the Ballarat Courier concerning the proposed tram extensions to Sovereign Hill.
  20. Trams and Streetcars of Japan
    All you need to know here about Japanese tramway systems, the Nagasaki Denki Kido site contains 39 photos of Nagasaki trams.
  21. Riverfront Streetcar Line
    Planning on going to New Orleans? Don't forget to visit this site before you go so you can obtain advance knowledge of New Orleans trams, including a photo of an unknown Melbourne W2 class tram on the Riverfront Line.
  22. Isle of Man Transport Heritage
    These pages will tell you all about transport on the Isle of Man, including the Snaefell Mountain Railway, Isle of Man Steam Railway, Manx Electric Railway and the Douglas Corporation horse trams.
  23. Belgian Railways Page
    This page, also available in Dutch and French, tells about the railways of Belgium. Timetables and photos feature, as well as links to sites such as Eurostar, TGV and Belgian tramways.

    Public Service Coordinated Transit PCC 8
    on Newark USA City Subway line.

  24. PCC Trams on the World Wide Web
    There is an enormous amount of information about PCC cars on this site, including lots of info. about the ex - Philadelphia PCC's in San Francisco. Photos abound!
  25. "Muni" Philadelphia PCC Cars
    This site, from the Philadelphia Trolley Coalition, further describes the Muni PCC cars from Philadelphia.
  26. Dave's Enterprise-ing Pages
    This site features up to the minute information about Melbourne's currently operating tram fleet. It has details of every Melbourne tram built, from W2 219 to B2 2132, and what happened to them. Check out the Victorian Railways Trams pages, and links to other non - tram sites.
  27. Docklands Light Railway
    Only recently coming on line, this site has details of everything you need to know about the DLR - it starts from square one. It also links to the London Transport home page.
  28. Seashore Trolley Museum
    Kennebunkport, Maine, USA. This museum is very large, having examples of trams, interurbans, electric trains and trolley buses. Sydney P1700 lives here.
  29. Croydon Tramlink
    Check out this site for all sorts of information about the new Croydon LRT in London. There are links to places from all over the world on the site, including, unusually, a page about Sydney's C class tram.
  30. Sydney Light Rail projections
    Check out the possible routes for light rail in Sydney.
  31. Swanston Trams.
    One of the two tram corporations (soon to be privatised) running the tramways of Melbourne.
  32. Yarra Trams
    The other Melbourne corporation that has been privatised under the title Melbourne Metrolink.
  33. Fort Smith Trolley Museum. Click on the ticket to see the trams, and if you have sound on your PC, check out the streetcar sounds. Look at the photo of electric tram 51, it is horsedrawn!
  34. National Express. The new owners of Melbourne's Bayside Trains, Swanston Trams and V/Line Passenger.
  35. Central Trains. A subsidiary of National Express in the U.K.
  36. Canadian trams. This site has heaps of photos of Toronto trams past and present. It also has photos from Edmonton and Vancouver.
  37. Tram People. Many different things about Melbourne's trams, including photos and tram poetry.
  38. National Tramway Museum Crich, Derbyshire, U.K.
  39. British Trolleybuses. This site has lots of info about British trolleybuses, and has links to trolleybus and tram sites worldwide.
  40. Rail Transit Online. for all the latest nes from USA's tram and LRT networks.
  41. Tram Views of Asia. Trams from most Asian countries that had them and some views from India as well.

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