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Melbourne's B Class Trams

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B2 2005 at St.Kilda, Melbourne

Melbourne's B class trams introduced the articulation principle to the tramway system. Two B1 class trams were introduced, 2001 in 1984 and 2002 in 1985 as test vehicles to evaluate features intended for the 130 production B2 class vehicles. These two trams, based on the A class design, were originally fitted with dual height steps to enable loading from either street level or railway platform height, as it was originally intended to utilise former railway platforms when the St.Kilda and Port Melbourne railway lines were converted to light rail in 1987. Subsequently, it was decided to build low level platforms on the light rail lines, so the steps were standardised.

2001 and 2002 were originally allocated to Camberwell Depot for use on Route 75 to East Burwood, and they now live at Southbank Depot where they operate on Route 96 - the St.Kilda light rail line and route 12 from City - Brunswick St to Sth Melbourne and St Kilda Beach. Both trams have spent much time out of service awaiting spare parts peculiar to them.

Click here for a list of A and B1 class tram destinations.

B1 2002 and SW6 881 at the former South Melbourne Depot.

Photo by Clive Mottram.

B2 class trams (2003 - 2132) were the production version of the B1 class, introducing air conditioning and dot matrix destination indicators to the tramway system. They were originally allocated to South Melbourne Depot (now closed) for use on the St.Kilda (Route 96) and Port Melbourne (Route 111) light rail lines, but now operate services from Southbank Depot (Routes 12 and 96), Camberwell Depot (Routes 70 and 75), Brunswick Depot (Routes 1, 19 and 22), Essendon Depot (Routes 55, 59 and 68) and East Preston Depot (Routes 11 and 86).

The only modification to the class has been the fitting of CCTV to enable the rear door to be viewed when the tram is operated by the driver only. Yarra Trams are repainting their B class trams in the new blue and grey colour scheme, the first being B2 2125 in March 2000. Listed below are all the B class trams and their depot allocation.

B1 class

B1 2001 Southbank Depot. B1 2002 Southbank Depot.

B2 class

B2 2003  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2004  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2005  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2006  Camberwell Depot.      
B2 2007  Essendon Depot.      Fitted with adapted cab from an A class tram      
B2 2008  Brunswick Depot.     
B2 2009  Camberwell Depot.    
B2 2010  Camberwell Depot.    
B2 2011  Camberwell Depot.    
B2 2012  Southbank Depot.     
B2 2013  Preston Depot.  
B2 2014  Essendon Depot.      TH Melbourne Water
B2 2015  Camberwell Depot.    
B2 2016  Malvern Depot.      
B2 2017  Brunswick Depot.

B2 2017 advertising Cadbury chocolate in Swanston St on a Grand Prix service. Photo - Clive Mottram.

B2 2018  Preston Depot.  
B2 2019  Camberwell Depot.    Yarra Trams blue & grey colour scheme.
B2 2020  Southbank Depot.     Yarra Trams blue & grey colour scheme.
B2 2021  Southbank Depot.     
B2 2022  Brunswick Depot.     
B2 2023  Preston Depot.     
B2 2024  Preston Depot.  
B2 2025  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2026  Camberwell Depot.    
B2 2027  Southbank Depot.     
B2 2028  Camberwell Depot.    Yarra Trams blue & grey colour scheme.   
B2 2029  Camberwell Depot     
B2 2030  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2031  Camberwell Depot.    
B2 2032  Camberwell Depot.     
B2 2033  Essendon Depot.     
B2 2034  Camberwell Depot.    
B2 2035  Preston Depot.  
B2 2036  Preston Depot.     
B2 2037  Camberwell Depot.  
B2 2038  Preston Depot.  
B2 2039  Preston Depot.      
B2 2040  Camberwell Depot.   
B2 2041  Preston Depot. 
B2 2042  Malvern Depot.      
B2 2043  Southbank Depot.     
B2 2044  Brunswick Depot.     New M>Tram livery
B2 2045  Camberwell Depot.    
B2 2046  Camberwell Depot.    
B2 2047  Preston Depot.      
B2 2048  Preston Depot.  
B2 2049  Preston Depot.  
B2 2050  Camberwell Depot.    Yarra Trams blue and grey colour scheme.   
B2 2051  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2052  Preston Depot.       Fitted with adapted A class cab     
B2 2053  Preston Depot. 
B2 2054  Brunswick Depot.    
B2 2055  Essendon Depot.      TH Novotel 
B2 2056  Malvern Depot.     
B2 2057  Preston Depot.   
B2 2058  Preston Depot.       New Yarra Trams livery.      
B2 2059  Southbank Depot.     TH Renault     
B2 2060  Southbank Depot.    
B2 2061  Southbank Depot.    
B2 2062  Brunswick Depot.     
B2 2063  Camberwell Depot.    
B2 2064  Brunswick Depot.     TH Renault  
B2 2065  Southbank Depot.     TH Mobil Synergy    
B2 2066  Brunswick Depot.     
B2 2067  Preston Depot.     
B2 2068  Southbank Depot.     TH Acland St St Kilda strip shopping
B2 2069  Southbank Depot.     TH Omega Timekeeping Tools
B2 2070  Preston Depot.  
B2 2071  Brunswick Depot.     
B2 2072  Brunswick Depot.     
B2 2073  Southbank Depot.  
B2 2074  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2075  Southbank Depot.  
B2 2076  Southbank Depot.     
B2 2077  Preston Depot.  
B2 2078  Essendon Depot.            First B2 class tram in M>Tram livery.
B2 2079  Southbank Depot.    
B2 2080  Preston Depot.  
B2 2081  Brunswick Depot.     
B2 2082  Preston Depot.      
B2 2083  Preston Depot.  
B2 2084  Southbank Depot.    TH Telstra      
B2 2085  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2086  Brunswick Depot.     
B2 2087  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2088  Brunswick Depot.     
B2 2089  Brunswick Depot.     
B2 2090  Camberwell Depot.    
B2 2091  Brunswick Depot.     
B2 2092  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2093  Camberwell Depot.    
B2 2094  Preston Depot.  
B2 2095  Kew Depot.      
B2 2096  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2097  Brunswick Depot.     
B2 2098  Brunswick Depot.     
B2 2099  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2100  Essendon Depot.     TH Mastercard
B2 2101  Southbank Depot.     
B2 2102  Brunswick Depot.     
B2 2103  Camberwell Depot.   THHong Kong & Shanghai Banking Company. 
B2 2104  Brunswick Depot.     
B2 2105  Malvern Depot.     
B2 2106  Brunswick Depot.  
B2 2107  Preston Depot.  
B2 2108  Southbank Depot.    TH ABBA the musical

B2 2109 in Spencer St advertising Tag Heuer clocks. Photo - Clive Mottram.

B2 2109  Southbank Depot.    TH Tag Heuer  
B2 2110  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2111  Southbank Depot.    TH Christmas Comes Alive At Crown  
B2 2112  Essendon Depot.     TH Whirlpool microwave oven
B2 2113  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2114  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2115  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2116  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2117  Southbank Depot.     
B2 2118  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2119  Southbank Depot.    TH Luna Park. 
B2 2120  Brunswick    
B2 2121  Southbank Depot.  
B2 2122  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2123  Southbank Depot
B2 2124  Southbank Depot
B2 2125  Southbank Depot     The first to be repainted by Yarra Trams in its new blue and grey colour scheme in March 2000.
B2 2126  Preston Depot.  
B2 2127  Preston Depot.  
B2 2128  Essendon Depot.      
B2 2129  Camberwell Depot.    
B2 2130  Brunswick Depot.     
B2 2131  Camberwell Depot.    
B2 2132  Camberwell Depot.    

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TH - All over advertising car.
SB - Skybreaker advertising panels fitted above windows.

This page of B2 class trams will be updated as new information comes to hand. The last correction went on the page on the 18th November 2001.

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Many thanks to Yao Yao for much information re B class trams, especially advertising trams.

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