Z28 Redline
Oct 17, 2002
  Well this years adventure is over..Today the Camaro goes back into storage for the winter. My plans for things to get done before it goes back on the road are: Do the valve seals, Get the car painted, Remove the steering colume to fix both the tilt and the pulse wiper/cruise control switch, and make an amp box. The 84 Firebird that I bought turned out to be too rusty to save so it was parted out. I am now in the market for 88-92 firebird with a blown engine.

Aug 19, 2002
   Dude, so much has happened. I got new front speakers and I built a custom sub box for the trunk for 2 ten inch subs, right now the amp is in the spare tire well but sone it will be in the back seat. I also just bought a 1984 firebird with a 305 q-jet and a 5 speed transmisson. I started to post some of the pics of the firebird but they are in no real order as of yet. I am going to make a tech article about building the sub box soon because I have lots of pics. Well I got to go I am sure I will update the page again soon.

May 13, 2002
   Man this thing is fun to drive! I finally got the seatbelts fixed but I got the worst service ever. Don't go to Duecks, it took them two days to do a job that should only take a hour and a half. Oh while. I going to get it painted sone and it really needs some new speakers. The sega continues.....

April 25, 2002
   I sure didn't get it done as quick as I thought I would. It's turns out there was alot more that needed to be fixed then meets the eye. I have now replaced the following : thermostate, oil filter, airfilter, radiator, fan switch, temperature sensor for gauge, temperature gauge, drivers door handle, passenage power lock switch, radio and heater surround, quarter panel z28 emblems, temperature control wire for the heater, and more. It looks like it might be getting some new paint soon, and 2 sets of Boston componant seapkers. Going for a drive.

March 14, 2002
   Well, it has been a long seven days and I think I'm going to get it on the road Sunday. Got some of the parts in; 180* thereostate, air filter, oil filter, drivers door handle. Have to get it back home so I can start working on it. Going to have to go through aircare. Bah.
   Also just got "The Camaro Axis" webring link all set up and working, so go check out some of the sites.

March 7, 2002
   Two weeks until the Camaro is back on the road. I think I have found out why the temperature gauge isn't working. Have the following parts on order :
Set of 235/60R15 BFG Radial T/A's, 180* thermostate, 180* fan switch, air filter, oil filter, temperature sending unit for gauge, B hangers, and CK rods for the secondarys on my Qjet.

   I'm just getting started at the moment but all of the links should work. If you have any questions or comments feel free to e-mail me. Enjoy your stay.
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