W h a t

 i s

i t ?


Inspired by the movement of the animal beings and elements of nature,
it is based on the idea of using the mind to master the body
which in turn helps the body to master the mind . . .

It teaches quiet inner strength, while at the same time
toning and strengthening muscles and increase flexibility.

It improves balance and co-ordination while strengthening muscles and joints.

The deep breathing with the full body movement oxygenates the blood.

It can boost your immune system and it is a great stress reliever.

Moving slowly, it teaches you much more about
awareness of your body and your movement in space.

It stores energy instead of expanding and expelling it.

It improves body awareness.

It gives:

- the strength of a warrior
- the flexibility of a child
- the wisdom of a sage

It is a meditation in motion,


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