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The primary purpose of both spirtual and artistic endeavour,
thus, Yoga,
is to refine and develop the mind's ability to perceive,
the subtle depths of life and ultimately,
the one Consciousness - brahman - in which all life inhhheres.

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Alexandra David-Neel

Puissé-je être entièrement pénétré de bienveillance et montrer toujours une dispositon charitable
jusqu'à ce que ce coeur cesse de battre

-Temple de Nakhon Vat


" You have to be able to find your toes first, before looking for your spiritual self "

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YOGA videos below...

PARKOUR! yeah!

Motorcycle yoga! (and if you think that's easy, try it, come and do it with me...)

How about trying a handstand on a moving motorcycle? Sometimes it works, other times... badaboum!

When its good, its really good but,sometimes its bad...

But... practice makes almost perfect. Then it was all worth it...

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