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Worlds Collide

Violence and Serenity so says the TC. =)

Author's note:

 ^^  This is a Citan and Yui fanfic.  Citan Uzuki is my favorite Xenogears character, and he and Yui is my favorite couple in Xenogears.  I didn't made that so obvious in Rebuilding, did I or not?  ^^

Please be warned that some contents of this fic may prove disturbing.  If you are not 18 years old and above, please do not read this fanfic.  According to a fellow writer, WC counts as an "erotica" not simply a Lemon or Lime.  It is also not yaoi or yuri.  ^^;;  Haven't the courage yet to write something like that.  Though maybe someday I will.
(big sweatdrop)

This is the only non-Rebuilding fanfic other than Significance that I wrote and will write for Xenogears.  ^^  Simply too busy to make others.  That is how I feel right now.  It is not due to a lack of interest, but because there are other RPGs and anime I want to write for.  I hope you enjoy what I have written. 

February 05, 2000
As my people would commonly say, "Swaru naapa gyudnig sayop!"  Meaning, I'll start looking for beta readers if there is still a grammar or a spelling error in this fic!  I practically reread WC four or five times as of now looking for those darn mistakes.  There is always something amiss, but I'm quite confident I got all of them this time.  Tell you what, if you can still spot an grammatical error in this fic, I'll make a credits section and post my thanks to you in it rather loudly.

Yen (crossing fingers and praying there are no more errors)

May 09, 2000
There are still errors... *sigh* To err is human as they say. :) Thank you very much to Ginger Knuth for pointing them out to me.  Some of the errors are downright embarrassing so I'm very grateful for the corrections. 
There is another error which I failed to notice.  The "go to next chapter" link in Chapter Three: Enemy Unseen lead to Chapter Five not to Chapter Four as it should be!  *argh!!!*  That would mean the readers skipped Samaritan and went right off to Idyllic! *eeps*

Chapter One
The Way Things Are...
Chapter Two
Sky Attack!
Chapter Three
Enemy Unseen
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
The Price
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Walking the Clouds
Chapter Nine
Plots Within Plots
Chapter Ten
In Exchange
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
The Best-Laid Plans...
Chapter Thirteen

Simple & Complex

Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Sixteen

Fanfic is done.  Prologue, Chapter 15-16, and Epilogue are linking stories to be added as Rebuilding progresses.

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