Hello welcome to my website. I have lived in Newton Massachusetts for forty-four years of my life. I have seen many changes in the city. Some good others not so good. Newton is a pleasant City deep with history and many fun places to visit. On my site I want to show you Newton both past and present. I will take you to many places of interest I like to go.

I will show you Newton and neighboring towns through my eyes by taking pictures and adding them my site. I will be taking pictures of the beautiful scenery here (capturing the four seasons using my digital camera) along with taking pictures of the fairs we have. I hope you enjoy my site as much as I enjoy creating it.

Attention!!! I use photobucket to link my pictures to this site. From time to time the service goes down, but they usually have it up in a few hours. If my links are not working chances are they are doing routine maintenance.
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