White Cat

An example of the MARQUEE tag

White Cat Walking!


Here is how the image normally appears.

whitecat.gif This is the normal appearance of the whitecat.gif file which appears to walk across the screen above. The difference is the MARQUEE tag, which changes the "cat on a conveyor" look to a normal-looking walk across the screen (with the right attributes applied, of course).

The .gif file above is one I picked up back around 1999-2000. It was from a free .gif files site, but I can't recall which one. Worse yet, all of the sites from which I might have gotten it have closed down or changed addresses. As a result, I have no way to be sure who created this animated .gif image. If anyone viewing this page knows who did create it, let me know and I'll give them proper credit here - unless I get a dozen or so names, in which case I won't know any more than I did before.

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