A SOFFA is defined as a Significant Other, Friend, Family, or Ally of a
transsexual, transgender, intersex or other gender-variant person.

Resources for the SOFFAs of...
Melissa & Kath's Tea Time American Boyz Resource
List for SOFFAs of FTMs
Shugah's Page FTM SOFFA Forum
Kitty's Love Notes SOFFA USA
Along The Rainbow Trail FTM SOFFA FAQ
Spouses of Cross Dressers Lisa's Luv Shack
Pathfinders Significance
Her Side
Vivian's Tranny SO Page
Emerald Lady's Lair

E-Mail Support Groups
Transmen A support list for transmen/FTMs and the SO's that love them.
NyteCafe A support list for straight (heterosexual) identified wives/lovers/girlfriends of FTMs
FTMSO List A support list for the SO's of FTMs (open to all orientations)
Wives/SO List A women only list for the wives and SOs of crossdressers
TGSO1 This list is for female partners of MtF transgendered folk (including, but not limited to, crossdressers, pre-op transsexuals, post-op transsexuals, non-op transsexuals and transvestites)
TGpartners This list is a loving place for genetic women to discuss the issues and joys of being with a partner who is (FTM or MTF) transgendered

If you are a SOFFA and want or need someone to talk to,
email the Lisa at hissweetness@softhome.net

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