The WTGB is a social support organization based in Lubbock, Texas. We offer support and socialization opportunities to both male-to-female and female-to-male transgenderists. We are an open group and do not discriminate based on sexual preference, race or anything else. We welcome SOFFAs (Significant Others, Friends, Family, Allies) as well as transgendered individuals as members of our community.

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NOTE: If you are unclear as to whether or not you fit the "transgender" label, the word transgenderist is simply a catch-all term. It includes, but is not limited to, transsexuals (post-op, pre-op & non-op), crossdressers, transvestites, two-spirits, intersexuals, drag queens/drag kings and anyone else who questions their gender identity.

For more information contact:
Kelly at (MTF)
Kim at (FTM)
Lisa at (SOFFA)

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