About Our Founders

Age: Only the 30's (looong way to go!)

Surgery Status: Hormones, but no Op's...yet

Pets: Saraya (Dalmation) & Duchess Shakti (Yellow Lab)

Contact Email: tsksb@hotmail.com
Profession: Public health and Radio.

Hobbies: Music, school, my motorcycle and gender bending.

Life situation: The closet is dead and gone. I live life...If you think I'm a girl, I'm honored. If you think I'm a boy, at least you're thinking of me. Label me as you perceive me, I'll do the same for you.

Relationship Status: Single/available/ :)
A little something more: "To be continued..."
Age: 40

Surgery Status: Pretty much non-op.

Relationship Status: Swept off my feet and firmly attached (see my lady below).

Pets: Hercules (minpin), Duke & Lugar (rottweilers), Roscoe (black cat) and last but not least, Dixie (another black cat).
Profession: Nurse

Hobbies: Photography, fishing, camping, landscaping, computer MUD & MUSH games, reading and researching my paternal geneaology.

Life situation: I live full time as myself. I dont see it as in the closet or out of the closet because I am who I am.

Contact Email: hercowboy2@hotmail.com
A little something more: More to come....
Age: Old enough to know better, young enough not to care.

Surgery Status: None for me, thanks.

Profession: Director of Activity Therapy.

Contact Email: hissweetness@softhome.net
Hobbies: Web design, playing with my critters, reading, camping, fishing & snuggling with my "Cowboy".

Relationship Status: Happily committed to the man of my dreams.

Life situation: Out to the world as a lesbian. Although not my personal label, people call them as they see them.

Website: Lisa's Luv Shack at http://www.geocities.com/alwayslisa_99
A little something more: I have been a SOFFA for the transgendered community for the last 8 years, starting off as the wife of an MTF and ending up here, as the life partner of an FTM. I have been making friends and helping partners of transgenderists deal with their issues for the past 5 years and it is something I never tire of doing. I believe that any SO willing to reach out for assistance in dealing with their issues has the power to overcome them. I also enjoy just getting to know new people. *smile*

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