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        One time.
        One time.
        One time.
        It seemed like so long ago, but really, it had only been a few weeks. Actually, it was 3 weeks, four days, and... Well, he wasn't counting hours. He wasn't that desperate.
        Ha. He should just keep telling himself that.
        Damn the guys and their stupid parties. They always made Lance play their dumb games, even when he protested for all he was worth. He would never forgive them for this. Ever.

        "Come on, Lance!" Justin said, grabbing Lance's wrist and pulling him down into the circle that they were already all forming into on the hotel's hard, unforgiving gray carpet. Britney was beside JC, as she always was, holding his hand and stroking her fingers lazily up and down his arm. Her dancers spread out between the guys, except for Lance and Justin, who were lucky enough to get to remain together.
        Luck? Ha. Justin had sent a death glare at the girl who tried to slide in between him and Lance, and when she backed off, Justin closed the small amount of distance between them, Lance acutely aware of every fiber in his side pressing against Justin's.
        "Damn it, Chris, finish that already!" Joey groaned, ripping the almost empty beer bottle from Chris' lips, reaching over four girls who burst out giggling to do so. Chris uttered a mild, half-drunk protest, watching feebly as Joey finished off its contents and then reached to the inside of the circle, giving the bottle a spin.
        Lance groaned. "I don't want to--" he started. He hated Spin the Bottle. Somehow he always ended up kissing Britney, and he didn't know where she'd been half the time! She was dirtier than money!
"Shh," Justin admonished, giving him a light smack on the knee.
        The bottle quit spinning on one of Britney's dancers, who giggled excitedly and leaned across the circle to Joey, who laid a big wet one on her lips before they both settled back. The girl gave the bottle a spin, and Lance groaned when it landed on him.
        "I really don't--" Lance started, but Justin was grinning and giving him a small shove. With a loud sigh, Lance leaned forward and gave her a small, gentle kiss that made everyone go, "Aw..." He shot them all embarrassed glares and then gave the bottle in the center, praying for it to land on anyone except Britney.
        The bottle finally stopped spinning on another of Britney's dancers, and with a sigh Lance leaned forward and gave her a kiss, then settled back in his seat, still unhappy that his friends had forced him into this stupid game.
        "I hate you," Lance muttered at Justin under his breath as they watched the bottle spin.
        Justin glanced back at him. "You should be thanking me. This is the first time I've seen you kiss a chick in months, Lance."
        "There's a reason," Lance muttered darkly, giving an exasperated sigh when the bottle landed on him again. "Give someone else a turn!" he objected, even as the girl squealed excitedly and leaned forward, pressing her mouth firmly against Lance's. She tasted of vodka and fruit, and he was more than happy when the kiss was over. He sighed and spun the stupid bottle again, watching as it landed on Britney. Sweet Jesus, he thought angrily, leaning forward and keeping the lip contact with the lip-gloss smeared girl as short as possible. She giggled and spun the bottle while Lance settled back in his seat, swearing that if the bottle landed on him again that he was going to walk out no matter what anyone said.
        The bottle landed on Chris, and Chris gave Britney a rather long kiss that left her blushing, him grinning madly, and everyone else laughing. Then Chris spun the bottle, and they all stared as it landed on JC.
        "I don't really have to kiss him, do I?" Chris asked the group.
        "Yeah!" One of Britney's dancers piped up. "That's the rules! You kiss who the bottle lands on."
        Chris made a disgusted face. "But he's my bro," he objected.
        "Those're the rules!" the dancer sang.
        Lance watched in surprise as Chris and JC both leaned forward, giving the others and each other a nervous look before tentatively touching lips.
        They didn't break apart.
        Lance's jaw fell open in surprise and he felt Justin stiffen as the two in the center of the circle explored each other's mouths for ten seconds, then twenty, and finally, they pulled away, grinning, and Chris proudly displayed chewed-up gum between his teeth for everyone to see.
        "Got it," Chris proclaimed cheerfully.
        Everyone, still astonished, began applauding and cheering and laughing as the two boys settled back in their seats, Chris happily chewing JC's gum. Lance had never been more shocked in his entire life. The way that Chris and JC's tongues had touched, and melded, the way that Chris licked JC's lips... It was hot. Nothing short of fiery.
        JC gave the bottle a spin, which landed on one of the dancers to Chris' right side. JC flashed a grin at them, and leaned forward, giving her a rather long, involved kiss. Not as long as with Chris, but their mouths were open more.
        Lance shuddered, and out of the corner of his eye he saw Justin look at him sharply. He pretended he didn't notice, and instead turned to look at the bed, abandoned in the corner of the room. The girl spun the bottle, and it landed on Justin.
        Lance leaned back and watched in trepidation as Justin got on all fours to reach across him and kiss the girl. He couldn't help but be fascinated by the way that Justin parted his soft, pink lips, or the way that they gently, carefully touched the other girls'. The kiss only lasted a few seconds, but it was a few seconds too long and Lance didn't want to play anymore.
        Justin spun the bottle, and it landed on another girl, next to Joey, and the kiss was much of the same. Lance was utterly fascinated by the way that Justin seemed to explore without ever doing more than touch the other's lips, and then Justin was sitting back beside Lance again, their sides pressed against each other.
        The girl gave the bottle a spin, and it landed on another girl. Everyone laughed and giggled and teased them, but the two girls really seemed to get into the kiss once they started. They kissed for almost 30 whole seconds, to the delight and cheers of the crowd. When they settled back, they exchanged small kisses, and everyone howled. Everyone, that is, except for Lance, because Lance wanted to go back to his hotel room and forget that he was even at this stupid party kissing these stupid people and wanting Justin so badly that his heart ached.
        The girl spun the bottle, which landed on Joey, and Joey excitedly kissed the girl, obviously turned on at the sight of the two girls kissing. And then he gave the bottle a spin, and it landed on Justin.
        Joey burst out laughing while Justin's jaw fell, and then Justin cocked an eyebrow. "Think you can handle me, Joe?" Justin teased seductively. Lance shivered and studied the ground, not wanting to see the sight of two of his best friends kissing. Well, actually, he just didn't like watching Justin kiss anybody.
        Joey grinned and leaned forward, crawling to Justin. "I can handle anything," he teased back, and then, Lance was compelled to look up as Justin and Joey's mouths met.
        The kiss was teasing, playful, and breathless. Justin's soft, perfect lips touched Joey's, and then a little firmer; a little faster. They were quick kisses, lacking any involvement, and then Joey was sucking on Justin's lower lip and they were pulling apart, grinning at each other.
        Lance really, really wanted to go back to his hotel room. He had never felt like crying more in his entire life.
        Justin spun the bottle, and as Lance watched with a sick feeling in his stomach, it landed on him.
        "Oh no," Lance exclaimed, horrified. A large blush was already forming on his cheeks; his eyes and mouth wide. "No way. That's just too weird. That's just--"
        He was cut off by Justin's hands on either side of his face, his thumbs right in front of his ears and his hands cupping the back of his head, and Justin's mouth on his.
        Lance uttered a small sound of protest, his eyes wide, but Justin's were closed, and after a half a second, Lance's closed too. Justin's mouth was as soft as it looked, the lips just as smooth. He tasted vaguely of something sweet, but whatever it was, it was perfect. Justin's kisses were gentle and lingering, soft presses against Lance's lips. Justin's hands held him tightly but carefully, and slowly his thumb began caressing the side of Lance's face that was away from everyone else. Lance was completely floored; unable to function except to kiss Justin back. The kisses were so slow and so sinfully delicious as their lips worked together in a perfect harmony that came only with practice and knowledge of another's body. Lance was burning up inside, and he felt his hand slipping to Justin's thigh, hidden from the view of everyone else; felt Justin's breath catch and Justin hold him that much tighter, which only made Lance weak and completely susceptable to Justin's every whim. And then Justin was slowly sucking on Lance's lower lip, his teeth just barely grazing it before he pulled away.
        The entire room was silent.
        Justin smiled devilishly when he was done, placing a hand on Lance's leg as Lance quickly removed his hand from Justin. Lance felt his cheeks flaming, but Justin seemed perfectly at ease. That little tease. He was used to turning people on: females andmales . He had probably done it to Lance just to prove that he could. "Next time we should play seven minutes," he teased, which got a large laugh, and then Lance was getting pushed forward to spin the bottle. Lance was still shaking inside, and hardly felt Britney's mouth on his for the few seconds that the kiss lasted. He could still taste Justin's mouth; still feel Justin's teeth raking his lower lip playfully. He could hardly move; hardly think, let alone function. Justin seemed completely unaffected, and Lance wanted to strangle him for that. Lance had just gotten the most mind-blowing kiss of his entire life, and Justin was fine. It just wasn't fair.
        Several more turns had gone through, and another stupid dancer spun the bottle on Lance, who by that time was just sitting there, dumbfounded. He responded mechanically, giving the bottle another spin. When it landed on JC, Lance slowly raised his eyes to look at JC, who was laughing.
        "How about it, 'partner'?" JC teased. "You ready to pucker up?"
        Anything to get his mind off of Justin.
        Lance leaned forward in answer, and JC met him halfway. JC was smiling slightly when the kiss started, though it was soon gone. Lance kept picturing Justin, and in his desperation to get his face out of his mind, he deepened the kiss with JC before he knew what he was doing. He felt JC's tongue in his mouth, exploring every millimeter of it, caressing it, and then... Shoving something in it.
        Lance was suddenly yanked back rather roughly by the back of his waistband, and he looked in surprise at Justin, whose blue eyes were dark and angry. Lance turned away from him, unable to look into those eyes anymore, and realized that everyone was staring at him. Again. Lance frowned slightly in puzzlement, and then slowly displayed the bright yellow chewing gum that JC had again stuck in his mouth.
        The room burst out into applause.
        JC was laughing as well. "I'm never going to get to keep a piece of gum!" he exclaimed, grinning. Everyone else joined in the laughter, which got even louder, and Lance slowly settled back beside Justin, all too aware of the stiffness of his best friends' demeanor, frowning as he tried to figure out what his problem was. He thoughtfully chewed JC's gum, blushing when he thought about how he got it, and tried to concentrate on the game. It was hopeless. Justin's body was so warm beside him that he couldn't. The only thing he could think of was the way Justin's lips had felt against his own.
        Lance sighed.


        So there he was, all alone in his hotel room bed, still thinking about that kiss. They had all acted the same way they always did the next day, and every day since, but there was some sort of terseness between Justin and JC that Lance didn't quite understand. He really didn't think about it. They were still the same, but there was something under all of that.
        Lance rolled over and looked at the clock, making a face at the glowing red numbers that read, "1:23." He gave an exasperated sigh and flopped onto his back, staring up at the ceiling.
        Lance gave a start when he heard a key being slid into his hotel room lock, and then a door handle turning. His eyes widened in fear, and his heart began to beat rapidly against his chest as he listened to the footsteps creep softly into his room. He sat up, wanting to meet whoever it was head on, and waited.
        Justin stood in the doorway to the bedroom.
        "Justin?" Lance gasped, relieved and yet still shaken. "Thank god. You scared the shit out of me."
        "I thought you'd be asleep..." Justin murmured, his body almost hard to see in the darkness, but because Lance's eyes had already adjusted to it, he could make him out.
        "Well I'm saving you the trouble of waking me up. What're you doing here?" Lance patted the bed beside him. "Come have a seat."
        Justin slowly sank down on the bed beside Lance, crossing his legs and looking over at him. "I just wanted to see you." He looked nervous and yet at ease, like he was contemplating something rather seriously.
        Lance's heart skipped. "Any particular reason?" he asked, confused.
        When Justin didn't elaborate, Lance prompted him. "Which is...?"
        Justin slowly leaned forward until his body was between Lance's crossed legs, and his mouth less than an inch from Lance's. "I wanted to kiss you. Like you kissed JC."
        Lance's jaw fell. "L...Like I kissed JC?" he squeaked, astonished. "Justin, if you want a kissing coach, you're coming to the wrong guy. I just sat there. JC kissed me."
        "No," Justin argued softly, but Lance could see how dark those perfect blue eyes were. "I saw you kissing him back. I saw your tongue in his mouth, and I have never wanted to be JC more in my entire life."
        Lance's jaw fell unhinged again. Justin wasn't... Oh my god, Justin was. "I'm a great kisser, what can I say?" Lance teased, still trying to give Justin a way out of this. But he didn't want Justin to have a way out of this. He wanted Justin to want him.
        Justin frowned slightly. "Show me," he requested softly, searching Lance's eyes with his own. Lance felt his heart cease to beat, and with a weak feeling in his stomach, leaned forward and rested his lips against Justin's.
        It was a tentative, gentle kiss at first, lips sucking at lips, and then slowly it deepened, and Lance was vaguely aware of being laid out on the bed, Justin's body covering every inch of his own. He felt Justin's mouth open, and he responded in like, slipping his tongue into Justin's mouth and gently touching Justin's tongue with his own. He felt Justin's grip on his body tighten at the caress, and Lance, encouraged, continued to search Justin's mouth for that wonderfully sweet taste, wondering if Justin had eaten candy before he'd come over. He could feel Justin's tongue sliding over his own; feel Justin's lips crushing against his. Slowly, Lance withdrew, taking a page out of Justin's book and gently nibbling on Justin's lip as he pulled away, fearfully opening his eyes and looking up at Justin.
        "You ever kiss JC like that and I'll kill you," came Justin's soft voice, his eyes still closed. Lance's heart skipped, and then slowly Justin's eyes were opening, revealing a bright, cerulean blue. "You haven't, have you?" he asked, sounding almost frightened.
        Lance shook his head, unable to speak. "JC and I are just friends," he heard himself say, his voice several octaves lower than normal.
        Justin lightly stroked Lance's cheek, and Lance leaned against his palm even as Justin propped himself up on Lance. "Don't ever kiss anyone like that," Justin requested softly, and even though it sounded like an order, it was really a plea. "Don't ever kiss anyone."
        Lance frowned slightly in puzzlement. Justin was so confusing. And he didn't think he'd done that bad. Justin was panting. "Why not?" Lance finally asked, bewildered.
        Justin shook his head. "Because you give kisses that steal the soul, Lance. You take it and keep it. I thought I'd lost mine to you years ago, but I had no idea what it was like to lose a soul until we kissed, and then I was completely empty inside. All I wanted was to be back with you, be in your arms and you in mine, and long to be complete again, because you're the only thing that completes me, now. You've always been the only thing that would complete me, but after that... Lance, I am empty inside. I feel nothing except you."
        Lance trembled. "Justin, I--"
        "And yes, I have given thought to the fact that you're not gay, or bi. And I'm not going to try and convert you or whatever. I just want you to know that you mean more to me than anyone in my entire life; anyone in the entire world, and that I will spend the rest of my life worshipping the ground you walk on." He smiled slightly. "As cheesy as that sounds, it's true."
        Lance couldn't feel his heart anymore. It was pounding so hard that it was humming, and his entire body was vibrating, so he felt nothing. Nothing except love. An overwhelming, powerful, tidal wave of love that was suffocating him.
        "I may have your soul," Lance began slowly, searching Justin's eyes. "But you have mine. You have for years. I think we're at a fairly even trade."
        Justin stopped. "Really?"
        Lance nodded, still keeping his eyes with Justin's. "My soul, my heart, my mind, my body. They all belong to you. They always have." There. He said it. He admitted it. Now it was Justin's turn. The ball was in Justin's court.
        "Mine?" Justin whispered softly, his voice so full of awe that it was almost as if he had just seen the light.
        Lance nodded again. "Yours," he agreed, his voice still as hushed as it had been.
        Justin's lips came crashing down on his, and then he was pulling away and smiling widely, his eyes shining. "Say it again," he commanded happily.
        "I'm yours, Justin."
        Justin's grin widened. "Again."
        "I'm yours."
        "I belong to you."
        Justin moaned and dropped his mouth to Lance's again. Lance felt his heart plummet into his stomach, tingles spreading through out his body. Justin's mouth was caressing his body, whispering "Mine" over and over and over until the word lost all meaning, but not emotion.
        "I love you," Justin whispered in his ear.
        Lance's eyes flew open. God, he had longed for so long to hear Justin say those words directed at him. "I love you, too," he whispered back softly.
        Justin pulled back and their eyes met, and then they both smiled and their lips met again.
        And to think it all started with a stupid game of spin the bottle.

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