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Updated: 5-14-01... Here it is, y'all. The very last chapter of Iris. It's been a bumpy ride, to say the least, and I can only say that I hope this story has been able to touch you like it touched me. I poured a lot of myself into this story. It really did mean a lot to me, and apparently it's meant the same to many of you. I am sorry for the dark nature of the story. I know many of you are not pleased with the story, and I apologize to those I've upset. But thank you for sticking with it. If you're unable to read Iris again, (and many have said that they will be) then I thank you, because that means that the story was able to affect you, and there is no greater compliment that a writer can receive. Without further, ado, Iris, Chapter Nine: The Truth.
Well, Ames, what did you think, babe? Jules, you crack me up, you know that you do, and I love you to death. Bec, you helped coax part of this out of me, even if you don't want to admit to it. Leash, you are a constant source of entertainment (you snowplow queen, you!) and laughter. Thank you.
Shout-outs, as usual, go to Ames, Bec, Raa, Barbara, PhinJay, Kelly, Danie, Leash, Sarah, Becky, and everyone else who has written me! If I haven't mentioned your name, excuse my rudeness, I apologize.
This is my page, so I'm gonna shamelessly self-promote: Amy's page. Visit it, you know you want to!!! She writes Justin/Lance slash, just like me, and she's a kick ass author! So go, visit, read her stories, and send feedback!
Leash: MAS, baby. MAS.
Okay. So, they told me that I needed to tell ya'll that I am writing SLASH stories. Are you wondering what slash is? Well, it's when two males get the hook-up. Are you freaking out right about now? Then bail, 'cause this isn't the page for you.
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I don't know *Nsync, I don't claim to know them, I am writing this for just fun, silly, crazy purposes. Please do not sue me, 'cause if you want this page down and out of circulation, drop me a line and it'll be gone ASAP! I mean to offend *NO ONE*, and if I have, then I apologize with all my heart and soul.

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