A Tribute To Kelly
A website dedicated to the best "Survivor" castaway, Kelly Wiglesworth.
The picture above is what the cover of E.W. would have looked like, if Kelly would have won. But according to me, Kelly did win. So I decided to go with that picture. It's nice though, dontcha think?
Kelly made an appearance giving some of her Survivor II thoughts on Thursday's "Back to the Outback"... (see "updates" below.)
    This site was made with the intention to let everyone know that Kelly was definitely the real "Survivor". Kelly was supposed to be booted off long ago, even before Colleen was voted off, but nope. "Immunity Queen" kicked ass in 5 challenges in a row! (wow)! So there was nothing they could do about it. Sue prayed that someone would beat her, so they could get rid of her, but no way. We weren't havin' none of that!  She survived what was left of that alliance and put up with way more garbage from people than she should have. I have seen so many survivor-fan websites about castaways such as Colleen, Gervase, Greg, and Jenna, but I only found 2 other sites about Kelly. So I had to do something about that, and make this website, because I think she deserves a lot more credit than she got.

     This is a new site and if you any suggestions about changes/additions that should be made, please let me know by e-mailing me, or through signing the guestbook.

     Use the frames on the left to navigate throughout the site and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks :) ~"Snives"
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Last Update- May 12th, 2001. 9:52 am (eastern)
    Last Update: Kelly made an appearance on Thursdays "Back From The Outback". Her and other Survivor I castaways were giving their 2 cents on the Survivor II people. I hope you all got to see it. Her Whitewater Voyages site was also updated last month... sorry I forgot to list that sooner.... 
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