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Welcome to our home!! We hope you enjoy your visit to our little corner of the web. I should introduce all of us to you. My name is Andrea and my fiance's name is Jeff. I have 3 beautiful children; my daughter Megan who is 18, my son William who is 16, and the baby of the bunch, Jared who is 8. You can visit each of us by clicking on our buttons. These pages tell our stories. I am from Canada so please be sure to visit my Canucky page to see some beautiful pictures of Canada as well as some from my home province of Nova Scotia. I started using Paint Shop Pro about 9 years ago and became completely addicted to it so I have tried to make most of the graphics for our site by myself. So grab a coffee (preferably Tim's from Canada...*S*), sit back, kick up your heels and relax. We hope you enjoy your journey through our neck of the web!!
Come back soon!!

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In Loving Memory!!

In Loving Memory of all the Canadians who perished on September 11th and for the fight for freedom.

In Loving Memory!!

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In Loving Memory

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In Loving Remembrance of All Who Lost Their Lives

Andrea's Apple Line

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