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Swiss Replica Rolex Submariner Watch

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From the mountainous land where the watch was invented, the Swiss replica Submariner watches seen below are far, far above your average replica. Made in Switzerland with the same Swiss ETA movement you find in the original, the Swiss collection features our most complex, coveted watch designs.

The Submariner, famed since long before James Bond even plunged into the sea with it, making it the Bond watch, was initially crafted as a diver's watch. Behind the dial of the simply designed, unmistakable appearance of the submariner is one of the most dependable watch movement's ever crafted.

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Swiss ID NO: SRL51 Price: $329 Deal Price: $265
Swiss ID NO: SRL50 Price: $329 Deal Price: $265
Swiss ID NO: SRL56 Price: $329 Deal Price: $265

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