Name: William Baker

  Aliases: None

  Former Aliases: Sylvester Mann and Flint Marko

  Identity: Publicly known

  Current Occupation: Reserve member of the Avengers, agent of Silver Sable International

  Former Occupation:  Professional criminal

  Legal Status: Criminal record in the United States

  Place of birth: Queens, NewYork

  Marital status: Divorced

  Known relatives: Mrs. Baker "mother"

  Known Confidants: The Thing

  Known Allies: The Thing, Spider-Man, Silver Sable, The Avengers, Le Peregrine and The Outlaws. "Former Allies" Frightful Four, Sinister Six I, Blastaar, Hydro-Man, Baron Brimstone, The Enforcers and The Mandarin

  Known Enemies: Spider-Man, Venom, The Trapster, The Wizard, The Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Sinister Six II,  Sinister Syndicate and The Enforcers

  Current Group Membership: The Outlaws, operative for Silver Sable

  Former Group Membership: The Avengers "in reserves", Sinister Six, Frightful Four and leader of The Enforcers

  Extent of Education: Unknown
Sandman's Physical Description
  Height: 6' 1"

  Weight: "in human form" 240 lbs.,  "at normal mass and maximum density" 450 lbs.

  Eyes: Brown

  Hair: Brown

  Other features: When in his "sand-form" his body is entirely composed of a malleable sand-like substance 
Powers, Abilities and Limitations
  Intelligence: Normal

  Strength: Superhuman Class 90

  Speed: Normal

  Stamina: Enhanced human

  Durability: Metahuman regenerative

  Agility: Athlete

  Reflexes: Peak human

  Fighting Skills: Basic street fighting techniques

  Special skills: Unrevealed

  Superhuman physical powers: In addition to the above listed abilities, Sandman has the ability to transform into a malleable sand-like substance which can be hardened, shaped or dispersed according to his will. He can also increase his size and mass to an unknown extent by incorporating sand grains in his vicinity into his body when in this sand-form

  Superhuman mental powers: Possesses the ability to control his body and parts of his body while his head is not in a solid form and his mind exists in only a astral form

  Special limitations: Temperatures of 3400 degrees Farenheit will fuse his sand-like body into glass

  Source of superhuman powers: Accidental radiation bombardment
Statistics and Description
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